A woman fighter from the Middle East: For our revolution, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya who is an atlas which is being distributed in the Middle East!

 For our revolution, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya who is an atlas which is being distributed in the Middle East!


Today, commemorating communist leader Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, who shouted out everything clearly, who said the things that’s not been said with his resistance during the tortures, who made the revolutionary rise in his times and who only went after the truth-pure truth, is justifying the thoughts with practice.

On the 47th year, we keep comrade Kaypakkaya alive with the spirit of the 18th of May on the lands of the Rojava Revolution, the Rojava Women Revolution. Today, the 18th of May is defending the peoples’ garden Rojava against the barbarity of DAESH. Today, the 18th of May is defending the Women Revolution against a country which has the roots of fascism and occupation. The 18th of May is keeping our organization, which is forwarding on a line that is protecting and developing the women achievements and which does not allow sexist attacks or expressions to whomever, alive on the lands of the revolution and to learn from these lands.

The big storm broke out, the seed fell on the land!

The thoughts that I have been raised in a family who partly loved the revolutionaries and who were not strangers to the pictures or ideas of the revolutionary leaders, went upside down when I’ve met the leader with the flat cap for the first time. Because that picture belonged to a leader who called the Kurds, whose names were hidden, forbidden and who had to pay prices to get their identity accepted, a nation and who named the system and it’s ‘founder’, who oppressed that nation, fascism. And I did not know this leader. The picture that I saw, was the first disengagement with the thoughts that I had learned. And I just had that single picture and the views of the leader, who had not breathe a word in the prisons of fascism, in my mind. With the lasting struggles which sometimes take place within yourself and sometimes outside of yourself, the first disengagement will be followed by a second or third ones. Those disengagements are very important to give life a meaning. The facts are falling into their places and you find the truth. For now, the last disengagement is resuming on the lands of the Rojava Women Revolution on the date of his immortality, the 18th of May. Of course the women will reach their real freedom against the system, which tries to create passive, inactive women trough ‘confining’ us between four walls with our small worlds, by fighting against all forms of the patriarchal system and its male dominancy. As a woman it’s hard to get out of our houses, in which we are ‘confined’ and our families, but it is the first exit which will open the doors to freedom. Those first freedoms have created the Rojava Women Revolution today. And with the spirit of the 18th of May we, as the successors of Kaypakkaya in Rojava, are continuing to defend and to guard the revolution and the women revolution, which has been knitted by the women, by fighting against the occupations.

A woman from KKB (Communist Women’s Union)

Turkısh: https://www.tkpml.com/ortadogudan-bir-kadin-savasci-devrimimiz-icin-ortadoguda-dagitilan-bir-atlas-ibrahim-kaypakkaya/