CPI (Maoist) CC: Celebrate the 18th Anniversary of the Party From 2022 September 21 st to 27 th


Central Committee

Press Release

10 September 2022

Celebrate the 18th Anniversary of the Party From 2022 September 21 st to 27 th

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) calls upon the entire ranks of the Party, PLGA, Revolutionary people’s organs and Revolutionary people to celebrate the 18Ül Anniversary of the Party in the rural and urban areas all over the country with revolutionary enthusiasm and firm will. It calls upon to enhance mass base in all corners of the country, strengthen the party and to advance People’s War in India and to defeat the counter-revolutionary strategic ‘SAMADHAN’-Prahar offensive.

On the occasion of the 18th Anniversary of the Party, the CC pays humble revolutionary homage to all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of people including the beloved founder leaders of our Party Comrade Charu Mazumdar and Comrade Kanhai Chatterjee. The martyrdom of several leadership comrades such as the leader of Peru Communist Party Comrade Gonzalo, the spokesperson of NPA of Philippines Comrade Ka Oris and founder leader of Galicia Maoist Communist Party Comrade Martin Naya is a severe loss to the International Communist movement.

The CC expresses deep condolences to the injured fighters of PLGA and strongly believes that they would recover soon and jump into the arena of People’s War. The CC conveys revolutionary greetings to all the comrades who are holding aloft the Red banner of Revolution in prison that include veteran of the Party and Polit Bureau of the CC, Comrade Kishanda, members of the CC Comrades Sheeladi, Kanchanda, Krishnamurthy and Vijay Kumar Arya.

In the past one year, the organs of the Party, PLGA and the Strategic and Tactical United Front continued its efforts to fulfil the tasks adopted during the 17th Anniversary of the Party amidst severe fascist offensive of the enemy, A highlight of the important aspects.

There is relative development in all sectors such as in ideological strength, political education, developing military skills, expanding the organs of people’s state power and people’s struggles. Organs of revolutionary people’s state power are working up to the district level and placing the alternate model of development in an embryonic stage. There is yet a lot to achieve in all these sectors.

The country’ is presently witnessing a ‘spate of people’s movement’ against corporatisation militarisation. The struggle that started in Silinger in Chhattisgarh last year became an icon of people’s struggle in the country and in the world. Tribal people of Telangana are fighting militantly for preserving their Podu lands for a long time. Struggles took place in almost all the areas of revolutionary movement. In the process of people’s struggles the Party made efforts to propagate the politics of seizure of political power through armed struggle.

Coming to international situation, imperialist financial and economic crisis is going on intensifying. Imperialists are more and more implementing globalisation policies in order to overcome the crisis and to divide and exploit the world as per their balance of forces. There is an unprecedented rise in the differences between the rich and the poor. The backward Asian, African and Latin American countries became absolutely dependent countries. Ukraine war intensified the crises of food, unemployment and others. The contradiction between imperialism and oppressed nationalities and people intensified further. Cold war started once again between the imperialists. There is an atmosphere of war all over the world with the US trying to reorganise basing on alliances such as NATO, QUAD and AUKUS and Russia and China contending in every sector.

In India, Hindutva fascist Modi government adopted globalisation polices and made India ‘dependent’ while reciting self-reliance. Suppression of democratic rights has become an ordinary feature in the country. The oppressed classes, sections and nationalities shall continue to make class struggle as long as exploitation, oppression, suppression and discrimination continue. The country witnessed militant farmers’ struggle that went on for one year due to which the Modi government had to withdraw the three Agrarian Acts. Workers, employees of Banks, Insurance Companies and other Public and Private sectors are in the path of struggle against privatisation. All the oppressed classes, nationalities and sections of the country are increasingly up against the fascist regime.

In the given conditions, on the occasion of the 18th Anniversary of the Party, the CC of the CPI (Maoist) pledges to develop class struggles and people’s struggles and step forth firmly in the path of Protracted People’s War.



Central Comittee