HBDH Şenol Sağaltici and Ümit Tekin Militia: Our Target is Those Who Produce for the Army!

 Those Who Produce For The Army Are Our Target! We have said it, we repeat it: We shot Rojava, Bashur, “back the front” of the army that was going to invade, and we will continue to strike. The suppliers of the occupying fascist army are at our target! Production for TAF [...]


Message from the CPC (Maoist) Central Committee to the Party ranks, the Revolutionary People's Organs and the Revolutionary People on the Occasion of the Party's 18th Anniversary

Communist Party of India (Maoist) Central Committee Let's Celebrate the 21th Anniversary of the Party with Revolutionary Enthusiasm and Strong Will between September 27-2022, 18! Let's strengthen the mass base and [...]