Bulgarian Workers 'and Peasants' Party: Dear comrades in the TKP-ML

Dear comrades in the TKP-ML

Hello comrades and comrades.

On behalf of the Bulgarian workers and peasants party, I have the pleasant obligation to convey to you my warmest, congratulations on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of TKP-ML and to wish you successful work today. We have agreed to consider May 31 as our party's birthday, when the decision Sofia city court-came out, only in 1990. Our different workers parties were born under different conditions which affect their future development: Yours in the conditions of an established capitalist system and the rise of the idea of ​​socialism and communism among the rental class and ours in the first months after the betrayal of the of the European socialist system, during the retreat from the socialist ideal, garnished with lies about democratic socialism and capitalist paradise in which BULGARIA will be SWITZERLAND in the Balkans. The people were deceived, BULGARIA today is the poorest EU member state! However, very slowly people understand the deception. Youth organizations with communist ideology are emerging, such as “SEPTEMBER 23” “Che GUEVARA” and autonomous trade unions, but all young and old in the party, we still delude ourselves that by participating in bourgeois elections we can attract young people to our cause .

We admire your struggle! You have chosen the right path since İbrahim Kaypakkaya and you have been following it for half a century. The invitation of your youth organization we were in İzmir we attended a three-day symposium Istanbul, a meeting in Thessaloniki. Educated young people, students, who went through prisons and back in action, real proletarian leaders.

Your party has brought up many heroes who gave their lives in the inquisition without betraying their comrades in hunger strikes and victories against the class enemy. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism the declared people's war is a promising line, and we hope they will lead you to victory. Just as the patriotic front our county on September 9, 1944, led by GEORGI DIMITROV and VASIL KOLAROV, 21 years after the unsuccessful September workers and peasants uprising. Always be at the forefront in the revolutionary struggle of the Kurdish and Turkish people until victory and in the building of socialism and communism. Rise the red flag on the DUNDUL mountain and keep it as your eyes, because the class enemy is not sleeping, he destroys the monument of the Bulgarian communist party on BUZLUDZHA peak in the old mountain.

Nk of BRSP president: Georgi IVANOV

Turkish: https://www.tkpml.com/bulgaristan-isci-koylu-partisi-degerli-tkp-mlli-yoldaslar/?swcfpc=1