KBDH: Our Rebellion, Our Dance, WE ARE WITH Our Gun!

 We are with our revolt, dance, gun! We are passing through times when women's united struggle and solidarity reflects reality, not utopia. It does not fit into the spaces where patriarchy imprisons us; to the streets, to the trenches, to the barricades where resistance rises [...]


HBDH: They Breathe Victory With Their Voices

 They Breathe Victory with Their Voices The invasion attack of the fascist Turkish state continues with all its violence. The peoples of Rojava are opposing this invasion attempt with all their might, the fascist Turkish army [...]


Banner Hanging by HBDH Militia

Hanging banners HBDH action of the militia immortalized in Rojava from Turkey was hung banners HBDH by militia in Istanbul for the revolutionaries. "Demhat, Ceren, Aynur, İmran, to the occupiers, [...]


HBDH: Afyon Undertook the Death of TEM Branch Manager!

HBDH: Afyon Undertook the Death of TEM Branch Manager! To the public; “We Greet the Immortals… It is our warning to the Public Enemy Torture Police Chiefs and Confessor, betrayers, you are within range. Afyonkarahisar on 15 October 2019 [...]