Message from Georges Abdallah on the 50th Anniversary of TKP-ML

Message from Georges Abdallah on the 50th Anniversary of TKP-ML

Dear comrades, dear friends,

It is more than refreshing for me to share with you the enthusiasm that is at the core of your meeting today, especially when I have been in these sinister places for several decades…

In this period of impoverishment and great struggles, imperialist and inter-imperialist wars, destructions and interregional tensions closely connected with the crisis of the regimes that will serve imperialism and its murderous manipulations, the long course of struggle of the communist movement in Turkey, especially this mass movement that has shaken the Arab world for the last ten years, proved to be more than necessary for all the heroes of the mobilization…

Undoubtedly, TKP-ML, one of the most determined expressions of the communist movement in Turkey, is asked to strengthen the global dynamics of anti-imperialist/anti-capitalist communist solidarity in this region more than ever before. Of course, the “Martyrs Party” has never ignored the necessity of rooting more and more in the most advanced strata of the working class in Turkey, and has spared no effort in this regard. There have been successes, there have been setbacks and failures; nevertheless, due to this rooting, it was able to further strengthen the global dynamics of communist solidarity in the region, thereby advancing the anti-imperialist/anti-capitalist struggle for communism.

Several times many of the important leading cadres were killed and the party nevertheless stood up and continued the struggle in all its forms. He never surrendered and did not lay down the communist flag of struggle. My respects to these men and women who, with their determination, devotion and sacrifice, have made themselves the torches of the struggle, guiding our steps towards the victory of communism in the various paths of the revolution.

Hundreds of prominent cadres and other activists, from İbrahim Kaypakkaya and Ali Haydar Yıldız to Ahmet Çiçek and Mehmet Demirdağ, with their guns in their hands, took the main role of the communist vanguard and fell without hesitation or hesitation. They will forever remain alive in the hearts and minds of the popular masses and activists, as the flames that illuminate the path to freedom and liberation.

Dear comrades, dear friends,

As you can see, the Zionist soldiers and their settler and other supremacist armies are carrying out the greatest atrocities in Palestine these days. Every day, young and middle-aged people are martyred. The expropriation of lands and the destruction of houses are constantly spreading… This policy has never actually stopped, sometimes slowing down, sometimes accelerating; In reality, it will only stop with the disintegration/destruction of this entity, which is a structural extension of Western imperialism.

These days, the mobilization of the Palestinian popular masses and their belligerent vanguard meets these gains; Indeed, Palestinian men and women of all ages, from Sheikh Jarrah to Gaza and all the cities and towns and 48 lands of the West Bank, know that nothing and no one is in this way deeply rooted in the collective consciousness and is essential to ending the occupation. The people know better than anyone that they cannot eliminate their Intifada. More than ever, the embodiment of dignity and all hope…

Naturally, this populist Intifada of a certain kind never really disappeared… Perhaps it is worth remembering once again that all the components of the “historical workers' bloc” were built and structured within the global dynamic of their struggle. The proletarians and the various components of the popular masses of our region will win together and only together.

Comrades, let's do our best to promote various convergence processes of struggles at the local as well as at the regional and even international level.

Comrades and friends, Ahmad Saadat and thousands of comrades imprisoned in Zionist prisons send you their revolutionary greetings from behind the hideous walls and draw your attention to what is happening in their 48 lands and ratonnade organized by fascist and supremacist groups openly supported by Israeli police in Ramleh, Lydda, Haifa and Umm Al Fahm. They are certainly more confident than ever that you will not ignore or belittle the scope of the

Comrades, however, the masses of the Palestinian people participating in this ongoing popular Intifada today trust and should be able to count on your mobilization and solidarity.

The conditions of detention in Zionist prisons are getting worse day by day, and as you know, comrades, international solidarity is an indispensable weapon to face them.

Solidarity, solidarity with all resistance comrades in 'F-type' prisons.

Solidarity with resistance fighters in Zionist prisons and isolation cells in Morocco, Turkey, Greece and the Philippines and elsewhere in the world!

Down with imperialism and its Zionist watchdogs and other Arab reactionaries!

Capitalism is nothing but barbaric now, hail to all who oppose it in various forms!

Together Comrades and only together we will win!

My warmest communist greetings to all comrades and friends.

Your Comrade Georges Abdallah

Saturday 28 May 2022

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