HBDH Atakan Mahir Militia: “We organized an action against A101, one of the main economic institutions of fascism”

We organized an action against A101, one of the main economic institutions of fascism.

Our militia carried out a bombing action to salute the “Victory Move” initiated by the Kurdistan People's Civil Defense Units (YPS)!

As HBDH Atakan Mahir Militia, we launched a cluster bomb attack on the A101 in Adana-Seyhan, Barbaros Neighborhood. In order to give a voice to and support the “Victory Move” initiated by our YPS comrades from Turkey, we carried out a bombing action against the A11 market, one of the main economic institutions of fascism, on 01 August at around 101 am. Enemy forces came to the area while the action was still being carried out. Despite this, our militias were successfully withdrawn from the field of action. Our militias, which continued their action plans despite the enemy's orientation and pressure, carried out a bomb attack on the workplace of the AKP member Özdemir family while retreating.

The enemy is confused and helpless in the face of this bold attitude of our militia!

Our faith and strong commitment to the united revolution is our most important moral superiority over the cruel enemy. As the soldiers of the united revolution, we support with all our might the "Victory Move" launched by the civil defense forces of the valiant Kurdish people against the fascist enemy. We are aware of the fact that blows to the common enemy are the only way to defeat this brutal enemy, we support our YPS comrades from our own front with this awareness, we try to be voice and breath!

Long Live Revolutionary Solidarity!

Long Live Our Unified Revolutionary Struggle!

Forward, Further!

HBDH Atakan Mahir Militia