HBDH: One Expense, One Thousand Income! We Absolutely Ask For Fascism!

 One Expense, Thousand Income! We definitely ask fascism to account!


On October 3, 2019, around 11:00, our forces carried out an action against the military unit that went into an operation against Amanos in the Framikaya region of Belen district of Hatay. Our forces targeted the military group while cruising in an armored vehicle with long-barreled weapons, and the armored vehicle driver lost control of the steering with fear and panic, and the vehicle fell into the abyss. Among the soldiers in the vehicle tumbling into the abyss, 2 specialist sergeants and 2 rank soldiers died. 5 soldiers were injured.

The fascist Erdogan regime is trying to maintain its power by making invasion plans on the oppressed people and to feed on war, massacres. He makes threats to Northern Syria, which he says will enter suddenly one night, and wants to establish TOKI on the peoples. It is now a fact that the AKP-MHP fascism is collapsing, but they want to make their own destruction by destroying the working class and oppressed peoples.

Fascism is in haste, its attacks are panic. Turkey struggles of the working class and oppressed people are scared them, scared them being the existence of our militia are scared them the existence of our united revolutionary movement. They are afraid of the Rojava revolution and the freedom of the people.

They were afraid of the action carried out by MLKP fighters against the police car in Adana. They were afraid of burning factories and weapons depots. Neither the chief fascist Erdogan nor Soylu can alleviate their fears. Bombs and bullets that rained on peoples have now started raining down on fascism. The continuation will come suddenly, when they never expected it. Based on this fear, all police, special operations forces mobilized the MLKP and other HBDH components to kill their fighters. They have increased their operations and detentions against revolutionaries.

Turkey and the Kurdistan people, the working class, we appeal to women and young people. We will destroy AKP-MHP fascism! Support the United Revolutionary Movement of the Peoples in every area you are in, from your workplaces, homes, neighborhoods, schools. Provide your logistics facilities, intelligence information. Take action with whatever you have against fascism!

We appeal to all dissidents and socialists waging a democratic struggle. Make your voice loud against fascism. If fascism is planning an invasion, make a plan to invade the Palace. Join forces.

As HBDH, we have carried out this action in memory of Ozan Sökmen and Fırat Şeran, two communist fighters who heroically resisted and immortalized in their home in Eskişehir, who carried out the bombing against the riot police car in Adana. Their determination to march on fascism, lines of sacrifice that do not surrender are the ferment of our united revolutionary movement. No massacre committed by fascism will be left with.

Long Live Our Unified Revolutionary Struggle!

Martyrs of the Revolution are Immortal!