The bond that HBDH has developed with our people is getting stronger with each passing day. Our action and activity grow and develop. In this social process where new Gezi uprisings may occur at any moment, this development process and growing activity of HBDH scares the enemy. They see and understand that, in a possible popular uprising, in a Gezi-like uprising, they will not find a people devoid of a vanguard and whose brains are castrated by trivial demands. It will be our peoples and their HBDH who believe that they will create a great upheaval against them. This is the nightmare of the fascist state's fear. With every step of our walk, every practice we uncover, and every warrior who embraces selflessly immortality, his nightmares grow.

The fascist Turkish state is trying to prevent a collapse, as all developments can now be clearly understood. He is trying to overcome his economic and political stalemate with desperate military moves and extend his life. Those who have nothing to promise to society other than hunger, poverty, dishonor and death are trying to survive only by the force they exert on our people. They use all their strength for this. They are attacking the people and their vanguard the United Revolutionary Forces with dignity and untold violence.

Turkey is progressing and the Kurdistan Revolution hot and challenging way. The trenches of the revolution are under fire. The United Revolutionary Forces are paying a huge price. Our comrades sail through the cities and mountains selflessly, grasping the unity of victory and immortality, and understanding more deeply each time. They reveal an unyielding practice that manages to move forward. And each of our immortals is proof of the invincibility of the United Revolution, contrary to the enemy's purpose.

THKP / C MLSPB Fighters Fırat Yıldırım (Tamer Kasabalı), Muhammed Tiril (Mahir Ernesto) Umut Özsepet (Çayan Kızılbaş) Fırat Çaplık (Alper Koçer Çakas) were immortalized as a result of an enemy attack on September 16. They added an unforgettable page to the history of our United Revolution, with their valiant and determined marches that they fit into their young lives. From Istanbul to Afrin, up to the mountains of Kurdistan from Turkey metropolises with our carriers were practically exhibited United Revolution goal. Now they have become torches that illuminate the path of all young united revolutionary fighters.

The flag that our 4 young warriors inherited to us has already been shouldered by dozens of young warriors, and we promise them that it will be carried from hand to hand until the victory of the United Revolution. It will arrive at the destination! Because We are the hope and united hands of our Peoples! We are the Leaders of the United Revolution! We are not exhausted, we are not defeated!

We bow with respect in front of the lofty memories of our 4, who embrace immortality, and state that devotion to their memories is our reason for life.

Comrades Tamer, Mahir, Çayan and Alper are Immortal!

We Will Destroy the Fascist State!

The United Revolution Will Win!

HBDH Executive Committee