HBDH Kızılbaş Militia: “The fire you lit in Maraş falls on your 'hearths'”

The fire you lit in Maraş falls on your 'hearths'

On December 22, 2021, around 08:00, the vehicle parked in front of Istanbul Maltepe Derviş Bey Complex, "decorated" with MHP flags, was set on fire by our militias.

In the Maraş Massacre organized by the MİT on 19-26 December 1978, 120 people were massacred, their homes and homes were set on fire, with MHP flags in their hands and shouting "Death to the Communists" in their language. MHP is a fascist terrorist organization that is the trigger of all state massacres. Today, hundreds of murderers of women – perpetrators of rape pose with the symbols of the male MHP, act as a hitman in the ranks of jihadist gangs, and appear as partners in power in the country, responsible for the poverty and oppression of our peoples. The MHP flags that you hang on your cars and carry in your hands are like the signature of massacre, rape, drug dealers and mafia organizations in this country. Those who bear this sign are indiscriminately responsible for the collective crimes of fascism.

For a century, Alevis have been massacred in this country, their leaders have been hanged, their houses have been burned, and their values ​​have been trampled underfoot. Those who try to intimidate and assimilate us every day, under the fear of massacre, should know that with the X signs placed on our doors; The fire of every crime you have committed in the past will now fall on your 'hearths'. The way of a country where Alevis will live freely is the way of united struggle. The roof of HBDH, which is waging the united revolutionary war between the oppressed Kurdish people and the working classes of Turkey, is also the framework of struggle of the oppressed Alevi people. We announce that we will take place as the Qizilbash Militia under HBDH and that we are arming the "Zulfikars" against the oppressors.

Our call to all Alevi youth; Join the militia forces where the Kurdish youth and the revolutionary youth of Turkey stood up on the path of the Mahirs, the Denizs, the Ibo and the Oppressed, and brought the fascists to account.

HBDH Qizilbash Militia