HBDH Militia: Action against guards and police with EYP in Sur

 Action with EYP against guards and police in Sur

On 27.11.2021, around 01:20 at night, an action with IED was carried out by our units against the guards and police stationed in front of Amed / Sur / Yeni Çarşı Police Station. Stunned by the action, the enemy opened fire randomly. Our unit has moved away from the area safely.

The loss of the enemy could not be clarified in the action where the police and guards were targeted.

As the AKP-MHP fascism increased the war in Kurdistan, the resistance of the Kurdish people also grew. The Kurdish people are celebrating their 43rd year of struggle with the freedom movement today. With this action, we salute the 43rd anniversary of the PKK, which is the name of an unending resistance, and we promise that we will definitely achieve the united revolution.

We Will Destroy Fascism, which is trying to survive with exploitation and colonialist attacks, We will win Freedom!

Forward, Further!

HBDH Militia