HBDH: The Day Has Come To Ask To The Account Of Genocide And Massacres

The Day Has Arrived


Turkish fascism invaded Rojava lands and launched a genocide operation against the Kurdish people, Arab, Assyrian-Syriac, Armenian and Turkmen people in Rojava and Syria. The purpose of this operation, which is called the "peace spring", is to drive the peoples of the region and revolutionary forces through genocide and massacre. The Turkish state wants to disrupt the demographic fabric in Syria, to expel our rights from its territory and to open new areas for ISIS gangs. The "Syrian National Army" organized by the AKP-MHP fascism are the extensions of ISIS barbarism. This operation has once again confirmed the partnership between ISIS and TAF.

The fascist Turkish state aims to destroy the progressive, revolutionary and patriotic segments by establishing alliance with the imperialist capitalist forces and the reactionary sections of the region, which are the extension of ISIS, and to make fascism prevail by creating enmity among the peoples. It develops this with a chauvinistic nationality and a racist discourse.


Turkey in economic, political and social fascism as the AKP-MHP living in a severe crisis, is trying to cover up on top of its own contradictions through military occupation and genocide. In particular, the head of Turkey's society by shooting an intense psychological war on society to take delivery of their own, are genocidal fascists to impose order. Detention, arrests, killings and the receiving society in Turkey with prints, wants to make its voice against the fascist genocide and unable to remove the occupation.

Turkey and Kurdistan people of the state of the Republic of Turkey should not remain silent against oppression and massacre should be organized and vigilant against psychological warfare. Our peoples should be enlightened with revolutionary propaganda against the lies and distortions of the militarist pool media. Fascism tries to prove that it is invincible by showing itself strong. However, the situation expresses the opposite. The resistance of the peoples of Eastern and Northern Syria revealed how inflated and exaggerated the Turkish army and its gangs were. The revolutionary war against NATO's second largest army has been glorious. Rojava revolutionary forces fought heroically against the highest military technique, intelligence and advanced weapons. Under these unequal conditions, it was the revolutionary forces of Rojava who fought and won with great will against fascism.


The resistance of Rojava revolutionary forces and peoples should not be left alone. The opposition Syrian revolution by waging war on the peoples and Rojav AKP-MHP fascism is the enemy of the people of Turkey. A united revolutionary struggle against those who salute the invading Turkish army with the salute of the military is inevitable. If our enemy is one, the revolutionaries must be united, they must call the fascists to account. We should not surrender our country and our peoples to fascism.

This revolutionary-democratic and patriotic awareness in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan cuts must take immediate action must take place in the process of revolutionary resistance. For this, everyone should take action where they are. Fascism did not triumph, but further weakened on the road to defeat. Against this, with mobilization and total struggle, revolutionary democratic sections should turn every field into resistance.


Our peoples should know that revolutionary-democratic forces will never surrender to the racist, fascist nationalist mentality of the Turkish state. The struggle against colonialism and fascism is by developing revolutionary war and action. There is no agreement with fascism, there is a struggle against fascism. Fascism can only be destroyed by all-out struggle. Fascism is an enemy of the people, an enemy of humanity. Today, the people who committed genocide on the northern and eastern Syria and Turkey will do tomorrow TC fascism larger massacres in Northern Kurdistan. There is occupation, war and destruction in the character of fascism. It is fed with blood and violence. Knowing this character of fascism, we must raise the struggle.


In this context, all HBDH militias, revenge units and components should act immediately and develop revolutionary action against fascist genocide and occupation. Fascism can only be stopped and defeated by developing and spreading revolutionary action and war. Inaction is submission to fascism and lying to death. Fascism cannot be destroyed with an understanding of struggle that is passive, expectant, that does not mobilize its power and possibilities and is confined to the legal sphere, such a stance will only provide the basis for the increase of fascist attacks.


Revolutionary, democratic, patriotic segments should target all economic, military and bureaucratic institutions and segments that support fascism, support it. We must base on more creative and widespread modes of action, let alone street actions, local action, mass violence, and militia-style action in small units. The day has come to respond to the enemy in the language he understands and to take account of genocide and massacres. Whatever is to be done must be done now. It will be late tomorrow. Every revolutionary, democrat and patriotic person must claim his dignity and future, and switch to an order of struggle and resistance.


In this context, HBDH will mobilize all its forces in the struggle against fascism and claim its revolutionary duties.

Turkey and Kurdistan to be found anywhere in the unity of the revolutionary youth, united action to develop, to join forces, we urge you to upgrade anti-fascist struggle.

We must develop resistance against fascists, imperialists and reactionaries with the spirit of GIANT-YOUNG. Turkey and Northern Kurdistan will not surrender to fascist and racist nationalists. We will not accept the reactionary fascist order favored by our peoples. The revolutionary tradition created by the Mahirs, the Seas, the Abrahams, the Hakis orders us to develop resistance against fascism.

We respectfully remember the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces who were martyred in this war as a result of the attack of the fascist Turkish state and its gangs, and wish them success in their resistance and struggle. We express once again that we will develop the struggle based on the memories of the SDF martyrs who became immortal in ensuring the free and democratic unity of our rights and building an equal life, and who developed the revolutionary war with great will and determination.

HBDH Executive Committee