HBDH Ulaş Alankuş Militia shot down in Amed!

“Sabotage Action on DSI Guardhouse”

At midnight on 13 August, the DSI guardhouse in Amed/Kayapınar became the target of our anger. In response to the reckless house raids by the enemy in Amed and Adana, we attacked the DSI building with cluster bombs and fireworks.

The oppression and cruelty of the fascist state never stops. Everywhere workers and laborers are attacked, houses are raided in the middle of the night, our people are detained, our young people are tortured, interrogated, arrested and killed. Revolutionaries, politicians, valiant sons of our peoples are held in dungeons as political hostages. He is subjected to brutal revenge practices.

Houses have just been raided in Amed and Adana, and brutal terror has been waged. Everywhere was plundered, our mothers were brutally attacked. Fascism thinks it can subdue our peoples with blood, massacre, oppression and cruelty. But he can't and he never will!

Our people, workers and laborers have been struggling uninterruptedly for decades. Young people turn to struggle. The bloody boots of the enemy never frighten us, they cannot stop us.

We, the HBDH militia, are the anger of our peoples! We were armed with their struggle, perseverance and determination. We are hitting the raging fascist terror everywhere as an answer! We are in the neck of the fascist executioners. We follow their every step and record every crime they commit.

O horde of bloody torturer murderers! You will be afraid! You will be frightened by the fact that we can come across you anytime, anywhere! You will be afraid because you know that we will be held accountable for your crimes against our peoples! You entered our homes with your bloody boots and tortured our mothers and children. You attacked our people in the middle of the street, you insulted them. You tried to lure our young people into a trap, you poisoned them, you raped them. You are guilty and you will pay! We are on your back!

HBDH Ulas Alankuş Militia