HBDH Xebat Aktepe Militia: “We Organized Action Against the Gendarmerie Vehicle in Batman”

 We Organized Action Against the Gendarmerie Vehicle in Batman

On June 17, 2022, around 23:00, our militias carried out an action against an armored vehicle belonging to the gendarmerie on the road from Batman Sason towards the center.

The fascist AKP-MHP government continues its attacks on Medya Defense Zones. However, in the face of these attacks, the guerrilla's belief in victory and overthrowing fascism prevails. For this reason, fascist Erdogan and his regime want to cover up their loss in the MSA with threats of attack on Rojava. The high cost of living for the workers, the violations of rights in prisons, everyone who demands equality and freedom on the street is faced with the attacks of fascism.

We carried out this action in response to the attacks on the Peace Mothers, who resisted arrest, detention and torture by raising the fight against all kinds of attacks of fascism.

As the HBDH Militia, we will continue to carry out our united struggle as selflessly as the Xebats and carry out actions against fascism.

Long live the United Revolution!

HBDH Xebat Aktepe Militia