Ulaş BAYRAKTAROĞLU is Immortal!

Comrade Ulaş BAYRAKTAROĞLU (Mehmet Kurnaz) was immortalized on May 9, 2017 while fighting against ISIS gangs in Raqqa, in defense of the Rojava Revolution. Despite the past 5 years, his memory and struggle continues to be our guide.

Comrade Ulaş was a revolutionary who led the revolutionary struggle he started when he was in high school, from university YÖK protests to anti-fascist actions. He was a revolutionary who took it as his duty to carry forward the struggle for revolution and socialism without any hesitation until he became immortal. Comrade Ulaş's courage and pioneering revolutionaryism demonstrated a practice that encouraged not only his own comrades but also the revolutionaries of Turkey and Kurdistan in the F Type prison protests, IMF protests, NATO protests, and May Day Taksim protests.

The determination and insistence of Comrade Ulaş, who led and led the actions, organizations and communes at every moment of the Gezi Resistance, which took place at a very important point in the history of the common struggle of the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan, still remains in the memories of the working class and the oppressed. Comrade Ulaş, who has been organizing resistance-oriented practice since the first day of the Gezi Resistance, has put forth great effort and effort to transform Gezi Park and Taksim Square into a resistance area and liberate them. In this respect, the 11 June Resistance, which developed during the Gezi Resistance, created excitement in friends and fear in the enemy.

The June 11 Resistance, which developed under his leadership, is the predecessor of how the revolutionary breakthrough, revolutionary break and united revolution will develop. With the awareness that the power that liberates Taksim Square for hours and days will be the building block of the revolution in Turkey and Kurdistan, he made a breakthrough to realize the slogan 'our strength is our organization'. When the dates showed 2014, he led his breakthrough as the founding leader of his party DKP/BÖG. And with this breakthrough, he organized the united revolution of Turkey and Kurdistan at any moment, with a journey from Turkish soil to Medya Defense Zones. And his command, which takes root in every front where he takes part as a requirement of this hot and glorious war on the way to victory, adds strength to the united revolution today. This glorious path of him and them has enabled us to reach this far, the united revolution to reach this day.

He defended the united revolutionary struggle of Turkey and Kurdistan on an internationalist basis in the revolutionary lands of Rojava, where he became immortal, and became an important commander in the revolution. He defended Rojava, which he saw as one of the places where the foundations of the Turkish and Kurdistan Revolution began, against all kinds of attacks and invasions, and fought front-to-front. In his own words, “Man lives once, dies once. He organized the phrase "The revolutionary is the one who does both properly" in his practice in the revolutionary struggle until he became immortal.

The process we are going through today reveals what kind of a united revolutionary war should be developed against fascism with the practices of Comrade Ulas. While every geography from Zap to Rojava, from Amed to Istanbul is under the attacks of fascism today, the revolutionary actions exhibited are just as Comrade Ulaş showed; "resistance, war and victory"

Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu's insistence on the united revolution struggle lives in the ranks of the People's United Revolutionary Movement today. Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu had a revolutionary understanding that could meet the needs of the revolutionary struggle in the moment he was in. Fighting against fascism in Turkey and Kurdistan today, HBDH continues to keep its ideals alive. The militant resistance of Comrade Ulaş continues to lead the guerrilla in the mountains of Kurdistan, the HBDH militia in the Turkish metropolises, the working class, the oppressed peoples, women and youth.

Our united revolutionary struggle will adhere to its practices, memories and will forever cherish it. We will crown this promise with victory and present victory to our comrades whom we bid farewell to eternity!


Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu is Immortal!

Martyrs of the Revolution are Immortal!

Long Live Our Unified Revolutionary Struggle!