General Council of the Women's United Revolutionary Movement: WE WILL NOT GAVE THE Occupation!


The Turkish state is entering the 100th anniversary of the nation-state building. A hundred years later, the Turkish state, which carried out the genocidal massacre of the ancient peoples of these lands, confiscated their properties, occupied their places, and tried to erase their existence from history and to tear their language out, is a huge "survival problem" in order to create a single nation. The Turkish state is experiencing the crisis of recreating itself. Capitalist-fascist and occupying colonialism is the character of the Turkish state. Its class position and political character do not allow it to do anything but repeat yesterday, only in an expanded and deepened form. AKP-MHP fascism feeds off this historicity. He dreams from the gates of Europe-Asia-Middle East, he places neo-Ottomanism in his political horizons. However, imagination cannot be substituted for reality. The truth is that; Today, the peoples of Turkey live in great poverty. The workers, who worked until their marrow was exploited, were left in need of bread. While the value produced by the worker adds profit to the profit of the capitalist class, the poor worker is hungry, miserable and miserable. The people who protest and criticize with determination have a stick on their back and a prison door in front of them. There is nothing AKP-MHP fascism can do for the benefit and welfare of the people. It feeds on war and occupation. The only power he has is the police, army, fascist gangs, collaborative traitors, and the media spewing lies.

Despite the fact that the executive, judiciary and legislature were centralized in the hands of Erdoğan and his company, captured workers, laborers, women and youth, and massed soldiers and police in the mountains and cities, the regime crisis could not stop the deepening of the regime crisis with the coup launched in 2015. He didn't get the victory he wanted.

The AKP-MHP fascism could not break the determination of the guerrillas and militia to take action under fire, to defend their positions in the mountains and in the cities, and the resistance of the people, especially women and oppressed sexual identities. Workers' protests are spreading, and the mass of those who took to the streets for their democratic rights is increasing day by day.

It is not in vain that they refer daily to the June uprising. They are aware of what is happening with purely bourgeois intuition. It is inevitable that the wave coming from the bottom will shake the earth!

We will not allow the invasion!

AKP-MHP fascism once again engaged in an all-out war in order to expand the areas of occupation and to erase the Kurds from the stage of history. The reserve force that is likely to work is to mobilize chauvinism and find no other way out but to gather the people behind it with nationalistic delirium.

On April 17, the AKP-MHP fascism started a new expedition to our mountains by putting the young bourgeois and KDP-Barzanis on the back of the chariot. However, with the experience of the guerrilla Garê resistance, Zap, Avaşîn, Metina, Kurujahro did not pass this expedition with great resistance. Although the Turkish state and its collaborators want to break this resistance with chemical weapons, they can't get any results. Freedom guerrillas build an impassable fortress from their bodies and will, defending people and nature. We salute all our guerrilla forces, especially the YJA-STAR guerrillas, who took part in this epic resistance.

We will continue to defend the Rojava women's revolution!

The fascist AKP-MHP dictatorship is trying to pave its way with a big concept. It takes the offensive in order to turn the relations and frictions between the imperialist states in the region into opportunities. He wants to get a share for himself in the struggle for hegemony in the context of Russia-Ukraine-USA-NATO. At the same time, it takes action against the Kurdish people, whom it considers its eternal enemy, and all its revolutionary democratic structures and gains. Intelligence agents disguised as journalists have taken action to make the people of Turkey the social force of a new occupation.

The forward position of all oppressed women, sexual identities and working people who have established themselves as a popular, revolutionary democratic and women's revolution that took place in Rojava is wanted to be dispersed and liquidated, and the free homeland of Kurds, Arabs, Turkmens, Chechens, Assyrians, Yazidis and Armenians to be strangled with gang belts.

Afrin, Girê Spî, Serêkaniyê were occupied. Gangs supported by the Turkish state and derivatives of ISIS were settled there. The working people of Turkey did not benefit in the least from this occupation. Neither the bite has grown, nor the areas of freedom have expanded. Occupation and war can create nothing but social decay. War, occupation cannot bring stability. Our people are aware of this fact.

War and occupation is to take the last bite of the poor. It is the rampant exploitation of the female body and labor. It is not as useful as a needle tip for the working people. First of all, women should never hang behind this war and occupation car, and they should take a stance against it and raise the flag of struggle for the equality and unity of the peoples.

It is a people who created the Gezi uprising and the Kobanê serhildan in the bosom of the people. Rojava will not allow the liquidationist attack on the women's revolution. As the Women's United Revolutionary Movement, we will defend our revolution everywhere and we will not let the invaders pass. Once again:

No Pasaran!

The AKP-MHP fascist dictatorship, which wants to descend like a nightmare to the working people of Turkey, the Kurdish people and their country, will not achieve its goal. On March 8, on Newroz, on May 1, women and our working people stand in marches, strikes and resistances against isolation. Prisoners in the dungeons are fighting a great resistance war.

Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Yazidis, Armenians, Laz, Albanians, Pomaks, Romans, Alevis, women and all the poor, workers and laborers are destined for this outdated, misogynistic, anti-human, anti-natural system and its avant-garde AKP-MHP fascism. He will not unite, he will not flounder in his garbage. There is only one way for her to stand up against occupation, colonialism, poverty, the slaughter of the female sex, and tear off this tick from her back!

The patriarchal fascist system will be defeated, women will win.

Let's raise our defense against fascism, let's go on the offensive.

General Council of the Women's United Revolutionary Movement

15 June