KBDH General Council: “We Will Stop Violence Against Women with the United Women's Struggle and Militia!”

We Will Stop Violence Against Women with the United Women's Struggle and Militia!

November 25 is an important day of struggle for women and oppressed sexual identities. Historical man makes man history. Women, whose names are ignored by men in historiography, have always existed in the course of history and played important revolutionary roles. Years ago, the leading symbols of the revolutionary democratic resistance that developed against the 30-year military fascist coup policies in the Dominican Republic were the Mirabel Sisters, the Dominican women's movement. Today, there are leading women from Turkey and Kurdistan who are fighting politically and militarily against fascism, whose economic and political crisis is deepening. There is a united women's movement.

Just as the current fascist dictatorship under Trujillo in the Dominican Republic took its sexual character from men, today the fascist Turkish bourgeois state under Erdogan-Bahceli is a complete male tyranny. In the history of fascist governments, while the male gender stands out, it is possible to see women in the resistance and struggles against fascism. Yes, we commemorate the comrades of Mirabel, who made up the history of 25 November in this respect, with great respect and love. We salute the international women's movement and women, oppressed sexual identities, which have been similar to their struggle against fascism and male domination.

November 25 is the day of struggle against fascism and male domination. Today is the struggle against the exploitation of labor against women workers in production areas, factories, all working women, domestic workers, and agricultural laborers in villages.

It is the day of struggle of women who are oppressed by poverty, servile living conditions, unemployment and hunger. Today is the struggle against the occupation policies in Kurdistan, racism and chauvinism, which are tried to be organized as a state policy among the society and especially among Turkish women.

With all this, as women who are exposed to sexual exploitation and oppression by men in life, today is our day of resistance and fight. November 25 is a call to stop male domination, bullying, exploitation, male rape, harassment and murder.

Men, who are half of the society, bear the traces of the fascist palace regime and the policies of the Turkish bourgeois state towards women in their mentality. Every month, millions of us face psychological violence, thousands of us face physical and sexual violence, hundreds of us face massacre and death. The male sex, which is the creator of the picture of violence against women, which consists of those whose lives are ended by the hand of men, plays the role of the basic pillars of this capitalist system, patriarchal, male-dominated structure that smears blood on their hands and corrupts the mind.

It is our call to men who take a leading role in the struggle against fascism and capitalism: We cannot destroy fascism and capitalism without a struggle against male dominance in themselves and in their gender. It is imperative that they wage a war against dominant masculinity and domination, the resistance of the oppressed sexes, protecting the honor and freedom of women, entering into a more conscious alliance with their struggle, and revealing the power of action. November 25 is a call to all men with whom we fight together against colonialism, fascism, capitalism and imperialism, to face a deeper confrontation, reckoning, and a fruitful struggle against reactionary masculinity.

Only we can stop violence against women by relying on our own strength, self-defense and a united women's struggle. Our women's movement, which broke the male/state laws and insisted on the line of political action, made itself possible in the streets and squares under the most difficult conditions. We will take our struggle further by defending all our won positions and gaining new positions. The elimination of violence against women will be possible with our militant struggle against fascism, male domination and capitalism. Those who murdered Deniz Poyraz, İpek Er, Yeldana Kahraman, Şule Çet, those who lost Gülistan Doku, those who raped political prisoner Garibe Gezer, those who tortured Ayten Öztürk in custody, the rape of women from Shengal and Afrin. Those who created the occupying fascist Turkish bourgeois state, responsible for massacres and torture, should be punished and faced with the active power of women's justice. The male state, which brutally attacked guerrilla women who chose the path of organized free struggle, must be held accountable.

Turning the actions that started with the slogan 'Resign from the government' on November 23 and calling the people who are deeply experiencing the economic crisis to the streets, into a united popular resistance, into a serhildan will leap the struggle against fascism to a new level. November 25 and the following period is an important opportunity for effective and mass participation as women in the movement. The preparatory will of the women's uprising, which seized the forbidden areas, will open our way. By raising the united women's resistance, we will overthrow the male-dominated fascist regime!

The motto of the period was to establish women's militias, to take action in women's militias and to hold accountable. We will stop violence against women! It is our call to millions of women who are always present in life and resistance in the Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean, Central Anatolia and Northern Kurdistan:

To the KBDH militia for freedom!

To the KBDH militia for justice!

To the KBDH militia for women's solidarity!

Organize, take up arms, fight!

We will fight against male state violence, we will overthrow the patriarchal capitalist order, we will win our freedom!

KBDH General Council