Actions by KBDH Gülnaz Aegean Revenge Militia

Actions by KBDH Gülnaz Aegean Revenge Militia

Our Women's United Revolutionary Movement (KBDH) Gülnaz Ege Revenge Militia reported that they set fire to many vehicles belonging to AKP-MHP fascism gangs, a house of fascists and trucks during the actions they organized in three cities.

On July 8, in the Osmancık district of Çorum, a house belonging to fascist members of the Ottoman Hearths and 3 luxury vehicles belonging to these gangs were set on fire and rendered completely unusable.

On July 9, in Istanbul-Silivri, the trucks operating under the Aras cargo company affiliated to the AKP fascist regime were destroyed, along with the products inside, by a technical action of our militia, and the cargo company was inflicted with a loss of billions of Turkish liras.

On July 10, in the Muratlı district of Tekirdağ, a house where the members of the MHP's Ülkü Ocakları were staying and 6 vehicles belonging to these vile rapist fascists succumbed to the anger of our militias and were burned down and rendered unusable.

These actions will continue until the hearths of the Ülkü and Ottoman Hearths are extinguished, and we, as KBDH Gülnaz Ege Revenge Militia, will follow you at home, at your workplace, on every street, wherever you are. The revenge of our people and every martyred comrade will be taken from you rapist fascists.


We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom!

Gülnaz Aegean Revenge Militia