The peoples of Turkey-North Kurdistan witnessed another massacre on the morning of June 17th. The target of the countless massacres committed in these lands this time was again a Kurd, again a woman, again a revolutionary. The bloody oppressors were game masters, who learned well from their ancestors, and even surpassed their ancestors, were executioners who fed on blood and survived. Due to their hostile nature, these people have not committed any crimes against our working and oppressed peoples, and they do not recognize any limits in their oppression.

The AKP-MHP fascist government, which is in a major crisis today, cannot overcome this crisis despite all its efforts, therefore it resizes its attacks day by day. The opposite situation means collapse and they know this well from experience. It is the fascist government's greatest desire to intimidate the masses of people with fear, oppression, torture and massacre, and to end the forces of revolution and democracy that are alternatives to it. The murder of Deniz Poyraz is the clearest expression of this desire. However, the achievement of the desire is in great contradiction with the real situation. Because the fascist power and its corrupt order have been exposed in all its aspects, and the anger of the people has already begun to turn into rebellion. The legitimate struggles of women, workers, youth and the oppressed cannot be stopped, nor can the persistent and determined struggles of the forces of revolution and democracy be reversed. Attempts to invade meet the great resistance of the guerrilla. NATO also does not benefit from holding hands.

And Deniz's murder will not stop neither those who become Poyraz and march against fascism, nor the collapse of fascism. Yesterday, he couldn't stop the executions, torture, bullets in the seas. 'The sea is gone, a thousand will come.' Thousands of Deniz will ask for Deniz's account.

As KBDH, our word to Deniz will be revolution. We will not stop holding her murderers accountable until tomorrow, we will be Deniz and we will carry the struggle for women's freedom to victory.

Forward, further in all battlefields to respond to the slaughter of Deniz!


Women's United Revolutionary Movement (KBDH)