MKP-TKP-ML: The Undying Torch of Our Courage Communist Leader İbrahim KAYPAKKAYA is Immortal!

The Undying Torch of Our Courage, Communist Leader İbrahim KAYPAKKAYA is Immortal!


Friends, Comrades;

Today, we commemorate the leader of our country's revolution, Comrade İbrahim Kaypakkaya, the creator of a tradition that has been deeply rooted in the soil.

Today we commemorate our communist leader, a master student of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

İbrahim Kaypakkaya remains up-to-date due to his life of struggle and the theses he has advanced in the 49 years since he was tortured to death in Diyarbakır dungeons.

Because Kaypakkaya, with his theses, became the first representative of the real communist movement after M. Suphi in our country, and especially Kemalism, which is the official ideology of the Turkish state, the Kurdish national problem, the way of our country's revolution, the character of our revolution, the dissolution of feudalism and the quality of developing capitalism in our revolution. He put forward very important theses for the Turkish revolution on the leadership of the proletariat and the worker-peasant alliance, the role of the peasantry in our revolution, the quality of our country's parliament, the attitude against modern revisionism, the struggle of classes in socialism and socialism, the evaluation of the TKP and many other issues that we cannot list here. Therefore, Kaypakkaya means "the application of revolutionary communism to Turkish soil" for the Turkish ruling classes. For this reason, the Turkish state gives a natural class reflex whenever the name Kaypakkaya comes to the fore. The best example of Kaypakkaya being the first representative of our country's communist movement after M. Suphi is his approach to Kemalism, the official ideology of the Turkish state, and the official historiography produced on this ideology. Kaypakkaya built a thick wall between himself and the official ideology of the ruling classes, leaving no room for hesitation.

Kaypakkaya's MLM approach means expressing Marxist theses for the first time in a number of extremely important areas, especially the Kemalist movement in our country. In this sense, for the first time in our country, there was a real break with Kaypakkaya's theses from Kemalism, official ideology and official historiography. This is one of the differences that distinguishes him from other revolutionary leaders.

Kaypakkaya is a touchstone in the evaluation of Kemalism and official ideology. Without Kaypakkaya, there is no historiography for the benefit of the people and no stance against official ideology. In this respect, the name Kaypakkaya is a threshold. It is a line drawn before and after itself.

Kaypakkaya is a communist because he is an MLM. Since he is a communist, he is the first representative of MLM in this land. However, another feature that distinguishes him and distinguishes him from other revolutionary leaders is that he led the development of MLM science in this country.

Every individual or idea is the product of the circumstances in which he was born. His ideas did not fit into his period, and they overflowed from there and turned into a compass for establishing the future.

Kaypakkaya's ideas; The Paris Commune grew out of the cannon of the October Revolution, the Chinese Revolution that spread to the countryside of the world, and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

Kaypakkaya and the party he started to build are the product of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Therefore, Kaypakkaya's ideas did not only build a wall against the official ideology of the geography he lived in. At the same time, he built a thick wall between himself with revisionism, opportunism, and all kinds of class collaborative theory, and took his side in favor of the International Communist Movement that developed under the leadership of Mao Zedong.

In the words of Kaypakkaya; “A party of steel, rooted in the masses, with an iron discipline, free from subjectivism, revisionism and opportunism, and practicing self-criticism, will develop and become stronger in armed war. Thus, it will discard the stale, take the fresh, and be purified from the bourgeois elements. It will thus gather in its bosom the most advanced elements of the people, communist leaders and militants.”

Kaypakkaya's ideas are dialectical. It is not a complete, frozen ball of dogmas. On the contrary, it is a moving, dynamic and developing continuum. His ideas are not just a theory of interpretation, but more importantly a theory of change.

Precisely because of this, Kaypakkaya's ideas; wandering in these landsspecter of communismis ”.

Friends, Comrades;

We live in a historical time period where class contradictions are becoming more and more acute. The sum of the problems we live and face at present reminds us that Kaypakkaya's ideas are up-to-date.

The ruling classes are trying to develop strategic moves to prolong the life of their systems. They spent the 20th century with genocide, massacres and military fascist coups. Administrative understanding of Turkish ruling classes; It is based on a racist, fascist basis. His character is an invader and an annexer.

The Turkish ruling classes, which find their representation in the AKP/MHP fascist government, want to extend their borders to the geography they describe as the National Pact, by pursuing dreams of "Neo-Ottomanism".

Just as they tried to solve the "Armenian Problem" by committing genocide at the beginning of the 20th century, they think the same thing about the Kurdish national problem today. For this reason, they are trying to destroy and liquidate the Kurdish Freedom Movement by acting within a total "precipitation plan". The Turkish ruling classes have neither the strength nor the strength to go beyond the traditional state mind in the face of the Kurdish nation's "right to secede freely". Because they can only survive on the crutches of imperialism, of which they are semi-colonies.

However, at the stage we have reached, the conditions for physically and politically eliminating the Kurdish national problem have disappeared. The Turkish revolution has features with many preambles. It is surrounded by a ball of contradictions that affect, trigger and activate each other.

The concept of destruction developed for the Kurdish Freedom Movement; to the working class, women, peasants, LGBTI+s; that is, it has scope and depth for all segments of society. Any success that the Turkish ruling classes will achieve in Kurdistan will turn into a movement to oppress all these groups. It is our duty to build the war barricade that the Kurdish Freedom Movement has built in the media defense areas on all sides.

Turkish ruling classes are dying in the economic and political crisis. It is the communist vanguard who will deal him the fatal blow. The way to do this today is to strengthen our ranks with a united revolutionary struggle.

Friends, Comrades;

İbrahim Kaypakkaya, who was the communist face of the armed revolutionary outburst of 1971, above all, has a revolutionary attitude in practice.

As his successors, we will also be revolutionary in practice, guiding our leading comrade. We will place the style that will grasp Kaypakkaya's ideas and intervene in the moment at the center of our revolutionary action practice.

The armed struggle line, which developed on the basis of Maoist, continues to advance with confident and determined steps towards victory in the countryside of the world. In India, the Philippines, Peru, Sri Lanka, Nepal and a number of other places, the people's war has turned into an invincible weapon in the hands of the peoples of the world. It is the science, theory and practice of MLM that has brought this weapon to the peoples of the world.

As the soldiers of the Kaypakkaya tradition gathered under this flag; We will remove the obstacle in front of the freedom of the peoples, which will destroy the fascist Turkish state, which is the most barbaric and brutal support of the imperialist-capitalist system in the Middle East.

Friends, Comrades;

We commemorate once again all the martyrs of the revolution in the person of Deniz Gezmiş, one of the leaders of the Turkish revolution movement, Hüseyin İnan, one of the architects of the 71 revolutionary breakthrough, and Haki Karer, one of the leading cadres of the Kurdistan Freedom struggle, the path they walked is our path.

It is our promise to them; Our 50-year tradition of resistance and struggle will make the victory certain by following the route drawn by our leading comrade. Now is the time to win. We will win!

Communist Party of Turkey – Marxist Leninist (TKP-ML)

Maoist Communist Party (MKP)