TKIP Foreign Organization: To the Night Organizing Committee…

To the Night Organizing Committee…

Dear friends,

“We are raising hope with the Party on the 50th anniversary of its establishment!” We greet your event with our revolutionary feelings and wish you a successful event. We convey our sincere revolutionary solidarity to your party, TKP-ML.

We are on the 71th anniversary of the immortality of Denizler and Mahir, the leaders of the '50 revolutionary breakthrough, which has a unique place in the history of Turkey's revolution. We bid farewell to İbrahim Kaypakkaya, who has a very special place for your party, just one year after them.

Denizler, Mahir and İbrahims, who are the products of a stormy period in the world and in Turkey and also their young leaders, bravely endured the executions, bullets and torture. They exhibited the best examples of revolutionary self-sacrifice, bravery and trench comradeship. They became the bearers of the tradition of not giving a secret in torture.

They are against all kinds of reformist, parliamentarian and pacifist understanding of the period; They raised the banner of "revolution against order." In our geography, after the intervening decades, revolutionary thought and practice has been revived thanks to them. İbrahim Kaypakkaya also gained a much more unique position with his revolutionary stance on the Kurdish issue, which was a taboo until then, and Kemalism.

Despite the half-century that has passed and all the efforts of the order, his revolutionary memories continue to be as fresh as the first day. It is the flag of "revolution against order" that they raise that makes their memories durable against time. To truly commemorate and keep them alive is not to lower the revolutionary flag they raised, but to raise it even higher. This can only be achieved by completing their deficiencies, by displaying a theoretical, organizational and practical revolutionary stance that responds to the needs of the period; It will be possible by meeting the revolutionary leadership need of the masses, which is the most urgent need of the masses today.

We will continue to expand the struggle in line with the proletariat, the only class that can be revolutionary until the end, and its ideology, "proletarian socialism," and we will eventually crown our loyalty to their memory with revolution. Once again, we bow down in front of their memories.

The revolutionary flag they raised is in our hands.

Our word to them will be revolution!

With these feelings and thoughts, we once again greet your Night with our revolutionary feelings and wish you success in your struggle!

TKIP Overseas Organization

May 27 2022