TKP-ML European Committee Launched its 50th Anniversary Campaign with LLL Walk

To the 50th Anniversary of TKP-ML, our Party of Glory and Glory!

Our party TKP-ML, which will enter its 24th year of struggle on April 2022, 50, is leaving behind its 50 years of glorious communist revolutionary struggle. Our party TKP-ML continues on its way with devotion and determination, experiencing the honor and pride of this 50-year struggle, writing the names of hundreds of martyrs in the history of revolution and socialism with letters of blood and fire.

Our party TKP-ML, founded by Önder İbrahim Kaypakkaya, has been struggling with perseverance and inflexibility for 50 years. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of our party, TKP-ML, the Central Committee of the Party took a decision. “50. Year: Our Party is Our Guidance, Inspiration and Power!” He gave the first start of the campaign that he will continue in Europe in line with the campaign.

Our party TKP-ML, which continues its march for revolution and socialism, started its 50th anniversary campaign with an annual commemoration of Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and Lenin (LLL-March) in Berlin, the capital of Germany.

As the first effort of the campaign, a placarding action was carried out by TKP-ML militants on the route of LLL-March on January 8, 2022, regarding the 50th anniversary of TKP-ML. In the LLL-March, which was also held on January 9, 2022, a banner saluting the 50th anniversary of TKP-ML was carried on it, and a leaflet prepared in German was distributed to the audience about the 50th anniversary of the party. At the same time, slogans saluting the 50th anniversary of our party were chanted by TKP-ML militants.

The campaign in Europe will continue in the last week of January, with events to commemorate those who became immortal in the struggle for communism and revolution due to the Party and Revolution Martyrs' Week, seminars and conferences to be held in many cities of Europe about 50 years, poster works, leaflet and brochure distribution. It was reported that it will end with an open-air festival to be held.