TKP-ML EB: Glory to the founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist)!

Glory to the founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist)!

On behalf of the Communist Party of Turkey Marxist-Leninist and the Workers and Peasants Liberation Army of Turkey, we convey our deepest respects to the Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist), celebrating its 73rd anniversary. On this occasion, we respectfully commemorate the founder of your party, Comrade Pushpalal Shrestha and Comrade Lenin, on his 152nd birthday and all of your martyrs who raised the red flag on the roof of the world.

The success of the People's War, which was started on February 13, 1996 under the leadership of the CPN (Maoist) and continued at great cost for ten years, caused all the peoples of the world and the revolutionary people to turn their eyes to this small and poor country, Nepal. Our party TKP-ML has always been in good relations and solidarity with Nepali Maoist comrades and has followed with revolutionary concern the withdrawal of the revolution as a result of revisionist betrayal. However, we communists will not see the betrayals, the domination of the revisionist, opportunist line, etc. We accept it as an extension of our march towards communism, and we stand up again and continue the struggle for revolution with the same determination. In this sense, we have a clear belief that the revolution will rise again in Nepal and that the Nepalese people will seize power. Because it is clear that the positive effects of the 10-year People's War, which continued with great victories, still continue to a large extent on the people and that the revolution is still a necessity and necessity.

Our party TKP-ML highly values ​​the communist brotherhood relationship with the Nepal Communist Party (Revolutionary Maoist) and sees it as an important part of the worldwide unity and solidarity of the Maoists.

In its struggle to change the world, one of the main weapons of the proletariat is internationalism. Again, the strongest international bond of all MLM parties is their ideological unity and struggle. Precisely for this reason, the communist vanguards of the international proletariat are not content with the task of maintaining and continuing the revolution in their own country as a link in achieving the proletarian world revolution. They also try to fulfill their multifaceted task of supporting forces fighting for the same cause in other parts of the world.

Defending the unity of the International Communist Movement by eliminating its disorganization is the common duty and historical responsibility of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist forces of all countries. We must all take our share of this responsibility. With these thoughts, we celebrate the anniversary of your party and wish you success in your new year of struggle.

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Red salute to Nepal Communist Party (Revolutionary Communist)!


Communist Party of Turkey Marxist-Leninist

International Bureau

April 2022

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