TKP-ML MK: Our 50 Year Struggle is Our Will to Win the Future!

Statement No: 2022/4

Our 50 Year Struggle is Our Will to Win the Future!


Our party is 50 years old! Our party, which was founded on April 24, 1972 by a limited number of cadres and militants under the leadership of İbrahim Kaypakkaya, celebrates its 50th anniversary today. Our Party has won important successes and victories in this time period, which is long for a person but short in terms of class struggle and the history of societies. He's had defeats and setbacks. However, he never broke away from the claim of revolution, the insistence of the People's War, and the awareness of the necessity-necessity of armed struggle.

Our class enemies and their fascist oppression device, the Turkish Republic, paid a price against fascism. Along with his hundreds of immortals, he became the creator of a communist tradition that reached hundreds of thousands of supporters and the resistance of tens of thousands of prisoners in the dungeons. We share the rightful honor of those who have been associated with our party, succeeded in becoming comrades, and labored, especially our immortals, who gave their blood and lives to the creation of this tradition.

Let us experience this justified pride and honor our party in the trenches, in the mountains, in the villages, cities, factories, schools, prisons, in short, wherever we have party activities, from our supporters to our militants, from our members to our cadres.

All the autonomous organizations of our party, our People's army TİKKO guerrillas and militias, our women and LGBTI+ comrades from the Communist Women's Union (KKB); We salute the communist leader of the people's youth, the leaders and militants of our Turkish Marxist-Leninist Youth Union (TMLGB), and their struggle.

We share the enthusiasm of all our comrades for the 50th anniversary of our party!


It is not a coincidence that our party was founded as the representative of the international proletariat in Turkey and Turkish Kurdistan. Our party is the product of class struggle and rising mass movements in the international arena and in our geography, in the historical conditions it announced its establishment.

Our party is the leader of the Chinese Revolution, Chairman Mao.bomb the revisionist headquartersIt was the name of this fire to start this fire in Turkey and Turkish Kurdistan, under conditions where the flames of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, which is a magnificent example of waging class struggle and continuing the revolution under the conditions of proletarian dictatorship and socialism, are engulfing the world.

Our Party, Chairman Mao's “I started the fire“He complied with his call. In the 50-year history of struggle, the day has come, the fire has grown, the day has come and retreated. But the grove of fire has always burned and continues to burn.

Our party was born in the rising struggle of the working class, peasants, and popular youth, especially student youth, against imperialism, capitalism, feudalism, fascism, patriarchy and all kinds of reaction in Turkey and Turkish Kurdistan. The occupations and strikes of the working class, the land occupations of the peasants, the anti-imperialist struggle of the student youth and the increasing momentum of the class struggle in total formed the basis for the establishment of our party.

Our founding leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya said, “be revolutionary in practiceAdhering to the principle of "", and removing his theory directly from revolutionary practice, caused our party to be established on a solid foundation. It is because of this that our party TKP-ML, in its 50-year history of struggle, was able to stand against all the attacks of our class enemies from within and without, and resolutely continued its claim to the New Democratic Revolution.


We keep our word, we insist and continue our claim!

In the conditions where our party celebrates its 50th anniversary, the state apparatus of our class enemies, TR fascism celebrates its 100th anniversary. However, at the current stage, the AKP-MHP fascist government has imposed a major economic crisis on the working class and our oppressed people. There is the biggest economic crisis in the history of the Republic and, in parallel, a large-scale wealth transfer associated with it.

The broad masses are in danger of widespread unemployment, poverty and, moreover, hunger. Besides, a handful of parasites got richer. With the interventions in the exchange rate, the people were robbed overnight and wealth transfer was made. The dollar reserves in the Central Bank were plundered, and government tenders were given to the supporters. The robbery continues with the “state assurance” given to investments that are said to have been realized through tenders given to a handful of supporters. Fascism has been transformed into a "Narco Republic". It engages in drug dealing, directly using the state's bureaucracy to maintain its military aggression inside and outside the border.

It fuels chauvinism in order to hide the poverty and hunger it imposes on the masses of the people, attacks Rojava lands every other day, and launched a comprehensive invasion attack against Iraqi Kurdistan. The attacks against the Kurdish nation continue to increase. Detentions and arrests are made every day. Prisons are filled with prisoners; moreover, the prisoners are tortured to death. Massacre attacks against women and LGBTI+s continue. Capitalist looting and rent attacks against nature and the environment have increased. Pressures against oppressed beliefs, especially Alevi belief, continue. Chauvinism and racism against refugees are fueled and attacks are organized.

The precarious and non-unionized workers of the working class are in de facto occupation, strikes and resistance in the face of wages, working conditions and work murders imposed on them. While large sections of the class have yet to take action, deep anger is accumulating. That's why those in power talk about "Gezi" every time they open their mouths. Even opposition bourgeois clique spokesmen suggest the ballot box, not the street, “soon they will go“They continue to lie to the public by saying.

Under these conditions, we renew our promise to the working class, oppressed masses of toiling people from Turkish-Kurdish nations, various nationalities and beliefs: We will win, the proletariat and the oppressed peoples will win!

Our Party Is Our Guidance, Inspiration and Power Source in its 50th Anniversary!

Long live the Communist Party of Turkey Marxist-Leninist!

Long live the Workers Peasants Liberation Army of Turkey!

Long live the Communist Women's League!

Long live the Union of Marxist-Leninist Youth!


Communist Party of Turkey Marxist-Leninist (TKP-ML)

Central Committee

April 24 2022

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