TKP-ML TIKKO General Command: This Steel Did Not Forget The Water It Received, It Will Not Forget!


When our party, TKP-ML, was founded under the leadership of İbrahim Kaypakkaya, they had only a few breaking and the guidance of MLM science that would shake the world from its foundations. Our party, TKP-ML, which is the communist side of the armed exit of '71, has been able to carry the armed struggle to the present day with the persistence and determination of the first day without making any concessions in the armed struggle line.

He has come to this day by spending each year of fighting with the enemy, hand to hand, with great sacrifice and resistance. In the mortar of our party, there are the blood and soul of our leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya, our first commanders Ali Haydar Yıldız and our comrades Meral Yakar, hundreds of veterans and masters of the revolution. Our party, TKP-ML, has been tempered with our martyrs and has not forgotten the water it bought steel. It continues to fly the red flag of the People's War, which it has been flying for 49 years. Our people's army, TIKKO's commanders and fighters, are insistent as on the first day to continue their march under this flag waved by our party. Every warrior is aware that freedom comes with bullets from our barrels.

What makes our party different is that our bullets go to the target indicated by our ideology and the masses grasp the trigger. This has always been the most feared of our enemy. Our party history is full of didactic processes in this respect. The steps taken by our party forward were met with fear in the dark corridors of fascism and placed at the top of the list as the most dangerous. Today, this fear of the enemy is not over.

The fascist Turkish state has to face the consequences of the vortex that it has entered into, especially by being drawn into the Middle East spiral, more and more every day. While the discontent of the masses grows, the fascist TC has difficulty in producing consent. Fear of revolt has turned into the nightmare of the ruling classes. Their biggest fear is that this discontent turns away from the line of armed struggle and is walking towards it. In this respect, the Turkish state has increased its attacks in every field but especially in areas where armed struggle is carried out. This wave of unrestrained aggression has no chance of eventual success in the face of armed struggle and people's war.

This is an important fact demonstrated and proved by our 49 years of party history. The enemy has repeatedly attempted to destroy our party, both at home and abroad, but without success. It will not happen after that.

It is a fact that today we cannot fulfill our duties fully and properly in the face of the class struggle. There are subjective and objective reasons for this. Our party and the people's army have gone through periods in which they fell behind in the class struggle many times. However, this was a temporary situation, and he continued to walk forward, learning lessons and experiences each time. This is what is happening today. Our party has a tradition of creating a self-criticism movement as well as the party of martyrs. Our self-criticism is always based on walking forward.

As we enter a new year of fighting, we reiterate our claim to the Democratic People's Revolution, socialism and communism, especially against our martyrs, our party, our people and all those who have contributed to our party. Victory will sooner or later be crowned in the hands of the masses who rise up under the leadership of our party.

Glory to Our Party TKP-ML in the 49th War Year!

Glory to our People's Army TIKKO, KKB and TMLGB who took our Party as a guide!

Long live the People's War!

Long live MLM!

Party and Revolution Martyrs are Immortal!


TKP-ML TİKKO General Command

April 2021