Greece Action Platform: End the attacks on migrants! Release Abdullah Gurlek and Vedat Yeler!

End the attacks on migrants!

Release Abdullah Gurlek and Vedat Yeler!

With the right-wing New Democracy party coming into government, the Greek state has recently increased its attacks on immigrants. Greece has evacuated the “occupation houses” that they stayed in immediately after passing reactionary laws. These laws target immigrants and asylum seekers through police operations and by forcing people to live in extremely unhealthy container cities.

Turkish and Kurdish activists whose political identies are known are also affected by the offensive policies of the Greek state. During the past months, attacks on Turkish and Kurdish revolutionaries have risen considerably. This wave of attacks and oppression coincides with anti-immigrant policies. Information on the torture and deportation of refugees, who have crossed the Turkey-Greece border “Illegally”, by the Greek police, are being reported on in the news and media offices. The inhumane camp conditions where refugees live, as well as sexual assaults on refugee women and children, are also circulating in the press.

Political refugees, having escaped arrest and torture by the fascist Turkish state, are being detained by Greek police before being illegally handed over to Turkish police at the border. The political refugees handed over by the Greek police are then arrested by the Turkish state  and imprisoned for many years, where they face torture day in and day out.

The illegal “pushing back” of refugees on the Meriç river and the Aegean sea are also being exposed in the press. These illegal practices are also being included in statements by various international organizations. Masked Greek police – along with other masked individuals who aren’t actually in the police force and wear unmarked uniforms – beat up refugees, confiscate money and other belongings. Refugees are forced to remove their clothing and pushed back across to Turkish waters on a boat.

People who try to protect their families and friends from these inhumane and systematic attacks by the police and gangs on the Greek border are being imprisoned under “human smuggling” accusations by the Greek state, and face threats of lengthy prison sentencing. Revolutionaries whose political identies are known are being arrested with false accusations. Most recent example of this attack is the arrests of revolutionaries Abdullah Gurlek and Vedat Yeler. Gurlek and Yeler were detained and arrested by the police on 13th February 2019 are still awaiting trial for alleged “human trafficking”. Gurlek and Yeler’s trial in July 2019 was pushed back to 20th January 2020. Their arrest and denial of trial for nearly a year, despite their political identities, is unacceptable.

The Greek state and New Democracy government must immediately end its policies against refugees as well as Turkish and Kurdish revolutionaries, cease practices such as inhumane camp conditions, torture and deportations of refugees. Revolutionaries whose political identies are known shall be relasead immediately.


End Anti-immigrant Policies!

Stop Ilegal Deportations!

Free all Political Prisoners!

Long live Revolutionary Solidarity!

Greece Action Platform Turkey/Kurdistan

December 2019