Statement of the Organising Committee of TKP/ML: Defend the party, its principles and general line. Oppose the putschists!

To our Party sympathisers, families of fallen and prisoned comrades, revolutionary organisations and to our people of different nationalities

To the revolutionary and democrat public opinion;

Defend the party, its principles and general line. Oppose the putschists!

“First and foremost is honesty!” (F. Engels)

We know that we have a duty and a debt to our people to make this statement for the purpose of informing the public, especially our party audience about the emergence, development and finally the stage reached today of the discussion, problem and separation (it began as an “internal” discussions  and then opened to public under various headlines) which undermines the prestige and dignity of our Party, created with great value at the cost of hundreds of martyrs.

First, we must say that it has occurred many times before; of course, it is regrettable that the tussling over internal problems and the entrapment in these internal issues concluding in splits has occupied the agenda of our people who have dedicated themselves to our movement. This situation led to the squandering of our accumulation created with the contribution, labour, and valuable contributions of our party forces, our masses, our fans and our people, degenerating our values, and most importantly, the shrinking of the space we occupied in the class struggle. Of course, this situation is sad for all of us. But we must not forget that the class struggle we carry out, and the class struggle is not only carried out against class enemies in the international arena and within the country. It is carried out within the Party as a reflection of all this. The solution of the contradiction in the struggle amongst the people, especially in the Party, is the ideological struggle, not violence. It’s through criticism and self-criticism. The ideological-political work that develops the proletarian parties, makes them viable / militant, is the practice of class struggle and self-criticism of criticism. Where this is not done, the parties will regress, corrupt, rot and lose their function. And naturally, the bourgeoisie of various species prevails, and it becomes inevitable for the proletarian parties to step away from the quality, principles, operation and mission of the class.

We are once again witnessing the fact that every issue and stance that is not seen on time in a scientific background and which has not been filtered out of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideology will be seen in a larger, more destructive and more severe way. We believe that this process will be the cause of our realization of our mistakes and deficiencies, weaknesses and deficiencies that prevent us from our responsibilities against the class struggle, and all this will be engraved in the collective memory of our Party. Our efforts are aimed at making positive or negative but very rich experiences, which we will continue to acquire as we take the process from here and through a questioning approach. The point reached today is a result for us. And what is important is analysing all the main reasons of the situation in the right direction. We must do it as a party, and we will.

Because the statement made by our fourth general secretariat Mehmet Demirdag “Situation is good, because facts are revolutionary” continue to inspire and guide us. Just like comrade Demirdag said, what is bad for us is closing our eyes to or ignore the facts. The crisis our party is in now serves as a proof to the scientific approach of Comrade Demirdag.

It is a serious problem that our Party is facing these issues for the past two years, some of it which became public outside our initiative. This is since we have not fought enough our weaknesses on ideological level, in the political arena and at the organisational life.

There is no doubt that our inability to establish the dialectical link between theory and practice, the inability to possess enough ideological hardware and form in accordance with our strategy, to take flexible and creative steps in politics, to bring us here by our clumsy organizational structure created by this and all our crooked organizational mechanisms. As Comrade Kaypakkaya underlines, a disciplined party that undergoes a mechanism of criticism-self-criticism, which is free of subjectivism, can only make its way by sailing in the vast sea of ​​the class struggle, it can face the raging waves and reach the range. Our present picture and the reality that emerged during the time that we left behind indicate that there is a long distance to be covered. We would like to underline that it is part of our history consciousness and memory that belongs to our party, if any, with its error and deference.

The problems that have been revealed so far can be explained not only by individuals and their intentions and approaches, but also by current processes. Clearly, what is important is how much our party internalise the MLM science with all its governing bodies and committees, how it has implemented it in its practice and what lessons it has learned from this practice. Our history has shown us that the same problems occur numerous times under different aspects. This change in the plane of dealing with the problem shows that we need to touch the essence of contradiction.

Party Leadership failed the class

Since the emergence of scientific socialism in the eternal struggle between classes, the communist parties have taken a fundamental, pioneering mission. The vast masses of laborers oppressed and exploited are the communist parties of historical responsibility to raise, unite, and organize, and further fight against the exploitative oppressors who give them hell. Communist party; With its central leadership, which has been tested in the class struggle, the communist morality and culture, earned the respect of the large masses, and the central leadership of the most advanced of these cadres, can organise the masses against the class enemies and the crown the revolution through class struggle. At this point, the central leadership of the party has a decisive importance. One of the main problems of our party, which was before us, was this mechanism: A communist party must have a leading staff, leadership who is breathing with the party, loyal to the party charter and its operation, operating the mechanism of criticism and self-criticism, leading in front of the party, constantly analysing the current situation and producing the appropriate policy. Quick at breaking with old ideas and adapting new ones to organize accordingly. The leadership of the party is directly related to its capacity to lead the, which means it can interpret the currents situation before anyone else and lead the party out of depression and chaos. Lenin speaks of the leadership mission while referring to the party’s decisive place in the development and strengthening of the struggle and the mobilization of the masses. However, having a leadership of the party does not mean that he always plays the right leadership mission. Our party has been experiencing leadership in this sense for many years.

We must underline that our party leadership failed at first and foremost understanding the MLM ideology and organise itself, accordingly, organising the party according to the Party’s war strategy, re-producing the communist-revolutionary identity in everyday life and building the party culture that is nurtured by the party constitution and law.

Party leadership has lived in peace with its mistakes and weaknesses not implementing the mechanism of criticism and self-criticism within, did not persist in implementing party constitution and law and consequently break off from the party, lost trust in party sympathisers and even party members, let alone the masses, became a party leadership despite the party.

The leadership concealed the problems from the party and formed a top to bottom relationship with the party through directives and instructions. It is possible for a leadership that sees itself free from criticism to produce solutions to the needs of the of the party thus act as an organisation, but beyond that it will not be able to sustain it and at this point will lead the party to chaos.

As a matter of fact, in the last years we have seen that the result is exactly that. Central committee did not even the meet the minimum requirements of an ordinary party committee let alone play the role of leadership. It has become a coalition rather than an organisation. It has built a wall between itself and leading the party. Obviously; In such an environment characterized by insecurity, the party’s constitution and law will first take the blow.

Defend the Party Constitution and Law!

Eventually, the enemy orientations towards our party and the operations carried out fired the “awaiting” and “accumulating” chaos inside the party. Since the warnings and prohibitive limitations of the constitution and the law were not realized by the central leadership, while it was necessary to take a position against the enemy orientation, the coalition which was uncritical of one another within the central committee came up to the surface and instead turned against one another and the practices put into practice with their individual mandates were revealed.

While some of the problems that emerged after the enemy orientation and operations can be solved within the framework of our principles which are binding for all, a perfect crisis of this kind was introduced. This has been a touchstone for the preparation of capturing the power within the party.

In such a reality, first, a meeting should be held with all the members of the Central Committee and the substitutes, and the Central Committee, whose term of office had expired in October 2014, presented the situation to the party and took the party’s will.

Nevertheless, this lacked leadership led to a meeting of the remaining Central Committee members without making any calls (June 2015 Meeting); The Central Committee has imposed the decisions of the meeting in question with the Central Committee powers, without the signature of Central Committee, and thus imposed a coup attempt to seize power.

The developments that have been reflected in the public opinion have shown that this line, which thinks that it has found the appropriate ground after the enemy operations, has initially trampled the rules and the law of our party; The executive committees, Party members and comrades were asked to be liquidated; when it was seen that this could not be achieved, the division of our party was initiated!

The so called “June 2015 Meeting” (June 2015 Meeting report of Central Committee members and substitute members in X region) has made loads of decisions about the future of our Party and put itself in place of Central Committee and prepared itself for interventions in the executive committees within the Party. The actions put in practice destroyed the constitution and laws which holds the Party together with all its committees. Thus, our party will be brought to the knees all the “power”, would pass to the representatives of this line!

As a result, the basic password of the owners of this line, which removes party law; has been crises, chaos and liquidation! A new crisis was introduced to the party without properly analysing the enemy operations, and the chaos caused by the enemy operations was used as leverage to liquidate step by step those committees wanting to implement party constitution and law.

These power-lovers, under the conditions worse than 12 Sept Fascist Military Junta, closed their eyes to everything else – in our geography which is under the rule of state of Emergency which through decree laws tried to discipline the masses, – other than the “precious seat” they said their eyes upon which they did everything to protect it. In these conditions, where the military and political operations continue to be violent, a leadership inherent in revolutionary concerns tries to maintain party unity, making maximum efforts to keep forces together; cadres and fighters were expected to focus on raising their ideological level! Nevertheless, what happened was the opposite.

While the toiling masses are forced into further poverty and debt, unsecured and disorganized working conditions killing hundreds of workers on monthly basis, workers are forced to work in unsecure conditions threatened with unemployment, toiling masses are divided through various reasons; Kurdish people are burnt alive in various cities of Turkey-Kurdistan while struggling for “autonomy” and the gains of Kurdish people in Rojava are under attack by the Jihadist gangs supported by the Turkish state; while hundreds of women and LGBTI+ individuals are killed through murders and hate attacks through state violence and patriarch, this line, with those on board went to destroy and undermine committees, damage the reputation and finally liquidate comrades!

In the ideological arena, liquidationism or defeatism first emerges in goals and objectives. Replacing class struggle with its own needs, liquidation in the ideological level, erosion of communist-revolutionary identity and finally organisational liquidation in practice. As a matter of fact, this is what has happened.

This line is chauvinist on Kurdish question and male on women’s struggle for freedom!

The real factionists are those who split from the party through a coup

This liquidationist line, who advocates our Party’s programmatic views in a leftist sectarian manner, but in practice is a right opportunist one, is also a factionist. Because all coups require a great deal of preparations. The plot and factional activity in Democratic arena in Europe which is deciphered by documents today, is evidence of this. Documents have revealed secret plans and despicable actions put in practice to intervene in the field of duty of our executive committee in Europe.

Coup plotters-factionists, while on one hand put in practice their long-running plans, on the other hand tried to liquidate those who oppose them, defending the principles of the Party. They tried to manipulate the public opinion through many lies, and when this did not work, they cling on to the lie “you are publishing Party documents, so you are factionists”. They have tried to cover their crimes by questioning the revolutionary identity of everyone outside their circle.

Those who claim to represent the 1972 spirit to cover up their quandary and ideological dead-end, in practice repeatedly demonstrated how much they have deviated from it. The most striking example of this is at a “meeting” held on … date they planned to attend the …. (which no other Party member was aware of this until the date has passed due) but did not attend claiming the state of emergency. Those who find the courage to question the revolutionary identities of others, proved how much they represent the 1972 spirit by not going to the venue claiming the state of emergency.

As in the above example, as the angle between their sharp rhetoric and practice grew, they constantly raised the voice of factional discourse and created a more hostile faction of the enemy than our class enemies.

So, what these facts-practices show? Who are the true factionalists? Let’s make a summary of their practices and see who the real putschists and factionalists are:

1) The minority “CC” members are those hoping to Manipulate the party will by reflecting the meeting held in June 2015 as a Central committee meeting when in fact it was a meeting between some CC members and CC substitutes.

2)The minority “CC” members aware of the discussions before joining the Peoples’ United Revolutionary Front (HBDH) but later they denied their knowledge of the discussions and used this as an excuse to leave this alliance.

3) The minority “CC” members said, “We are presenting the withdrawal from the HBDH to he will of the Party” and lied to have majority, also twisting and withholding the views of some comrades.

4) It is the minority “CC” members after the “CC has lost majority” statement who did not implement the Party constitution and made a complaint to the Party about the substitutes claiming, “we cannot work with these people”.

5) It is the minority “CC” members who lied and said “We went Party will and the Party appointed comrade X to CC, so the central initiative has been re-established” trying to manipulate the Party opinion even though it was not.

6) Those who plan and intimidate the revolutionaries in their field of activity in a way that rejects the history, principles and tradition of our party are the minority “CC” members of that period.

In short, this putschist – liquidationist line is also has the factionalist character. In fact, since June 2015 they have tried to overthrow executive committees which have formed the overwhelming majority of outside their jurisdiction by laying their own understanding and organisations.

Eliminating the executive committees approved by official CC meetings, blocked the official communication channels with them, created an alternative youth organization, tried to take back the gains of Women’s activities and created a separate Women’s organization from its male dominated perspective, appointed its own member of staff to several committees. Established non-functional organisations in Europe. In democratic arena, created its own website under another name. Moreover, without the approval of Party and no discussion what so ever in the CC, the illegal mass magazine Labour-Peasant Liberation has been put into circulation. Anti-propaganda, exposure activities were carried out against the comrades who did not kneel and could not be handed over, and the result of these sanctions was taken by threats, insults and actual violence.

Since the beginning of chaos, the main perspective of our party has been to carry out ideological struggle with the owners of this line in order to put an end to the perturbation. Our comrades persist on the struggle of two lines in the context of criticism and discussion in all areas where they are responsible; they have focused on the duties and responsibilities that the class struggle places on everybody. However, doing so has not prevented this hostile, dogmatic and status quo character from attracting its hostility to these areas and their leadership!

This enmity turned his most open and dirty face to female comrades, and the owners of this line did not hesitate to reveal how much men they were. The first and most strong attack came from women comrades against this authoritarian, bossism, egocentric and above all patriarch mentality. Because they are aware of this, they first attacked communist women with their sexist, homophobic rhetoric approach like the bourgeois politicians would do.

During the times of chaos and crises the rulers target women and removed them from social and secure work environment, the minority “CC” members followed a similar approach and denied the CC membership of woman comrade treating it “imaginary” claiming it was never officially recognised. Also, another woman comrade responsible for an executive committee was ignored claiming it was never officially recognised and formed the “CC” with male members who are willing to obey them.

This line, which is pure with men in the struggle for freedom of women, has anchored in the dominant national chauvinism in the Kurdish national question. Those who are male in the question of women have never been hesitant to be Turkish in the Kurdish question. Social chauvinism, which could not be got rid of in our party, was raised again by these power-lovers. The approach put forward by the 8th Conference of our party on the Kurdish national question was scattered and our efforts to establish relations with the Kurdish National movement according to our MLM line was accused of “tailgating” by these power-lovers.

We would like to once again state that our present stance on the Kurdish question and the struggle for freedom of women is the approach put forward by 8th Party Conference and official meetings of the Central Committee. What we do is to follow these perspectives and synthesize them in the light of current developments and apply them to practice!

A Party consists of people who accepts its basic principles. The most important thing that rules are for everyone. Especially when it comes to communist parties, this becomes more sensitive. Communist individuals never pursue careers. For them, the interests of the proletarian class and the labouring masses and what they gain in the struggle for freedom and democracy. In this sense, they must consider the future of the masses and the interests of the communist party, who claim to establish this future, not their own needs and interests.

what we have witnessed today also points to how far this factionalists/putschist line have deviated from the communist-revolutionary culture and line. The owners of this line have wiped off in a single strike all the gains and experiences of our party prior to June 2015. Those who see themselves above the party constitution and law are day dreaming. This line dreams of a party composed of those who obey the divine blessing instead of a prestige built with revolutionary culture and morality in our party. However, their dreams did not come true!

Because there is one thing they have forgotten, that now that nothing will be same as before! It is evident that the owners of this line were unaware of the social transformation that emerged in the Gezi uprising, of women and young people, who questioned all kinds of authority that excluded them. Those who closed their eyes to the crashing waves that emerged from the society, received the biggest blow from the segments of society they saw as the weakest.

HBDH is an Alliance and a Union of Forces!

This line, under the intense influence of the bourgeoisie in the ideological, political and organizational context, has recently transformed every development into an opportunity to raise a new crisis and expand chaos. First time in Turkey, an alliance was formed by revolutionary organisations advocating armed struggle, which gave our people of various nationalities hope and morale and strike fear into the enemy. The owners of this line on the other hand seen this issue as a power struggle.

There has been a two-way attack on our Party by the liquidators; first is that participation in HBDH is a coup attempt to the organisational process and the second is that HBDH is a front, which is an ideological coup to the line of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya.

First, we must say the seeds of this organisations was planted before the enemy operations against our party and CC had knowledge of the discussions. As a matter of fact, these discussions were carried to our party bodies. The problem, however, joining the alliance before the discussions in question reached enough maturity. It is an overrun. This, however, corresponds to a resolvable situation within the Party. (In addition, comrade, who has exceeded the limits of the authority in this regard, has made a self-criticism about the issue and has resigned from the CC and has called for the resignation of the other members of the CC who have no legitimacy.) However, this minority, devoted to conquering the central leadership, did not participate in any debate about HBDH, did not respond to any demands, and did not hesitate to commit crimes by reaching the seizing of the discussion notes sent to Turkey and Europe, preventing it from reaching its destination. And ultimately, they declared that this alliance meant a liquidation of the Party’s programmatic views and published a rogue statement, not reflecting the views of various comrades, before leaving the alliance.

Power-lovers perspective of “create a crisis, divide the party so no one criticise your actions and crimes” was put into practice once again. The role that our party will play in the alliance with the involvement of the HBDH and the contribution that this alliance will make to our party has been left aside, and the debate has been detached from the political essence by resorting to internal settlements.

Secondly, HBDH is an alliance that the Kurdish national movement at its centre. And as in all alliances it contains some contents that is not compatible with the strategic views of all the signatories. A period in which fascism puts the Kurdish national movement, Kurdish people and other revolutionary and progressive forces on the target of the attacks can only be met by a strong alliance.

Obviously, under the current circumstances, HBDH has emerged as a necessity. Conditions sometimes inevitably impose to make some compromises to a militant Party and the real communists shall be ready to go through roads of compromises in their struggle. Of course, in terms of program, principle and theory, our party places special emphasis on preserving its purity. But this does not mean that we will not come together with organizations that have different programs and principles that do not defend the same things as our party. In such periods avoiding such alliances “hiding behind principles” shows insecurity towards MLM and oneself.

The ones who must deal with the fascist power who swore to destroy all the gains of the oppressed masses (if not of social chauvinism, of course), is to take part in this alliance. On the other hand, in Rojava, a democratic structure emerged in the heart of the Middle East. And already this example has become a centre of attraction for the peoples of the Middle East. To see the Rojava revolution, which the Turkish state is trying to suffocate since the very beginning, as a development outside us can only be the work of incorrigible chauvinists.

It will be an unnecessary to effort to expect dogmatic, who only repeat what Ibrahim Kaypakkaya said rather than apply his theories to current situations, to see HBDH is compatible with the views of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya. Comrade Kaypakkaya who was intimately bound to the principle of concrete analysis of concrete conditions, has gained an important place in the history of the revolution of Turkey in all its work by applying this method. Our party will continue to take his views as an action guide by fighting against all movements which are the enemies of Kaypakkaya’s line, which the Turkish state failed to eradicate for 45 years despite massacres and oppression.

This minority also wrote an open text to our party with the signatures they invented (… CC members) and declared that they returned to the party’s will for the alliance. However, when making a decision that bind the entire party the authority to go to the will of the party belongs only to the CC. No other committee and person can speak to the whole party in this way. However, the document in question, before reaching the governing committees the Guerrilla area informed the Kurdish National movement that we are withdrawing from the alliance and without a full discussion and official decision the owners of this line and those around them have deepened the chaos by committing such actions. This attitude also reflects the way this line does politics! According to this, the will of the party, the law or the charter does not matter, the main thing is the desire of the sacred leadership! The remaining details will be dealt through manipulation, lies and fraud.

In summary; On behalf of our party, the authority to withdraw from HBDH does not belong to this minority. Therefore, the decision reflected in the public opinion is not legitimate. On the other hand, these figures do not reflect the truth. Our Party TKP / ML is a component of the Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement (HBDH), although it has not been able to play the role it deserves.

Temporary Abroad Committee is approved by the Central Committee of that Period!

The second major crisis argument of this liquidationist line which declared majority of the Party rogue is the Temporary Abroad Committee (GYDK)

In the days following the enemy prevention and operation, a temporary committee has been formed by the relevant persons abroad and this has been forwarded to the said CC component before June 2015. The committee established for the solution of urgent problems was approved by all the members of the CC. However, after a while, the owners of this defeatist line within the CC realised that they could align the members of the committee in question and saw that they would not make a concession from the party line. In June 2015 they established a new component for this area at the meeting where they could not call a CC meeting, but they gave the impression of CC meeting to their fields of activity. “Liquidate those you cannot subdue” motte was put into practice. When their factionalist activities failed, the owners of putschist line declared the Temporary abroad committee as “factionalist”.

In the meantime, a discussion of willpower was opened again, and it was claimed that the central will was formed. Such an example in our Party history was experienced during the period of 2nd CC. The CC at the time lost majority and returned to the Party and the Party will approved the addition of members to the CC until the next Party conference. The present-day owners of the machiavelist and opportunist line did not even condescend this. However, since June 2015, suggestions were made to protect the party unity on the resolution of the problems experienced by the party committees and many party members, but these proposals were counted as non-existent.

From the moment when it was seen that the organizational chaos and chaos in the party were dragging our party towards a separation, efforts were made to prevent this from being a division. By keeping the discussions within the party, it was tried not to reflect anything outside, convincing the party base against the coup plotting in every field, that some things would improve over time, not to hurry, but the members of the coup d’état continued to walk the way they knew by taking advantage of this situation.

Those who consume their energy to destroy the revolutionaries serve the counter-revolution!

The law of our Party appoints the party committees as the main address of the criticism and self-criticism, opinions and suggestions of party organisations, institutions, members and cadres. Any other behaviour leads to dangerous bourgeois diseases. What has happened in the last two years has witnessed how this minority CC suffered from the bourgeois ideology. It is a few examples of the manifestations of this line, openly lie, to go behind your comrades, to carry out the things that need to be spoken in the committees, and to make it a means of destroying your adversary! Attacking, usurping, harassing revolutionaries, threatening, insulting, lynching, sexist and homophobic rhetoric, and a series of practices that can be added to this are evidence that this line is poisoned by the bourgeois ideology

It is known that Chairman Mao points to two-line struggles as the party’s basic developmental dynamics. He says that a party where there are no different ideas and no conflicts will lack the basic creative essence. Since it was founded by Kaypakkaya, our party has never advocated violence as a method in the solution of the internal problems and has a special place within the revolutionary movement within Turkey.

However, this left sectarian, liquidator / coup d’état, considered the violence of class enemies as a fundamental method of intimidating, oppressing, kneeling, and surrendering its opponents. Our Party opposes the violence against revolutionaries on the principle level. No justification does not justify the use of violence in the ranks of revolutionaries and the people. No justification cannot justify gird oneself with class enemies and attack revolutionaries. Of course, no one wants to have a division within the Party. Each separation weakens the forces, leads to low morale and develops distrust. However, no party and organization can guarantee that there will be no separation. The problem is the mutual attitude of the interlocutors. How they behave mutually, how to relate to each other after separation. This is the crucial aspect of the matter.

Those who left our party threatened the revolutionaries by demonstrating their power and ambushed them by creating an ambush. This is the outgrowth of the cowardice and the self-confidence. Our party did not come to the provocations to which it wanted to withdraw so far, and at this point, it remained true to its principles and tried to explain the mistakes of the people who constantly test their patience. This is a consequence of our revolutionary position, not of weakness. Our comrades, who have embraced the perspective and culture of the Proletarian Party, have not come to the games of conflict, reflecting the desire of their class enemies. It should be kept in mind that this conflict is not caused by the attention and alertness of our comrades.

To the families of our Martyrs!

of class struggle, it has survived thanks to our martyrs and prisoners who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the liberation of the labouring masses.

Every martyr of our people has laid the milestone of the road to democracy, socialism and communism with their blood. They are the symbol of our victory and our commitment. Every comrade who has fallen into the ground has been a call to us to stand stronger against the fascist dictatorship, to raise resistance and to bring more powerful blows to the enemy!

Those who were affected by this process are the families of martyred and imprisoned comrades. For nearly three years, we have seen and experienced all the approaches and attacks of the coup plunderers. We would like everyone to know that we will realize the dreams of our martyrs sooner or later. This is our promise to them.

So far, our party has gone through many challenging processes. There were times when we staggered and regressed in this relentless fight with the class enemies. But thanks to its deep roots in the soil, it was able to get up and down again each time! It must be known that we will always bear the red banner that our martyrs have handed over to us, and we will never give up this flag.


Take a stand against of all kinds of foreign policies to our Party Principles!

Since June 2015, this factionalist / putschist line and its actions have been usurping the central leadership of our party and emulating the de facto way of de facto practical application of the presidency; means the overthrow of the laws and regulations of our party.

For a long time, all our efforts to solve the problem without causing any disagreement based on the two-line struggle have been unrequited. This liquidationist, defeatist line put the struggle for power in the centre and weakened our party against the fierce aggression of the fascist dictatorship. Those who have done so have undoubtedly been aware of the harm to the party. However, once the concern of the party has been replaced, the bourgeois ideology has captured the veins! In the last two years, the contraction experienced by our party only served to the enemy, and those who served were against the revolution.

We hereby declare that we have no more connection with this power-lover, right liquidationist, defeatist, adversary LGBTI+, women and Kurdish and bossism line which has; destroyed the unity of will and action of the Party, indirectly serving the enemy while trying to seize committees by organising faction work,

Our party has taken a stance against the coup in question. Efforts to win, persuade and persist for over two years have been inconclusive and the line owners are positioned outside our party!

The will of the executive committees, which constitute the main body of the party member and party, is constituted as the Organizing Committee. In this stage, when the CC was politically, legally and quantitatively collapsed and lost its legitimacy, the party’s decision was made in this direction.

After this decision was taken, the Organizing Committee was established in a way that reflects the entire will of the party and started its activities. Although it is planned to evaluate the process as a whole, to determine the attitude of our party towards the coup-liquidation process and to announce its results along with the results of this study, Nubar Ozanyan (Orhan), one of the commanders of TIKKO Rojava, TKP / ML member, With the martyrdom, it was a necessity to use this signature prematurely without any explanation to the public as the Organizing Committee.

Our Party will continue its path in the class struggle, steadfastly and decisively, in line with the programmatic views of Comrade Kaypakkaya. Nobody should be suspicious of this! The scientific thinking that analyses the facts and developments of Kaypakkaya and which reaches new syntheses is essential for us! However, we must underline that with the removal of this line from the party, we are not completely free from all the weaknesses that weaken the hope of our people. It does not mean that we have dealt with the bulkiness and procrastination of the duties the class struggle has placed on us. In this regard, a long and critical-self-critical period is waiting for us in the light of all the experiences that we have experienced in this process. And our party will do it.

Our party can only come out of this chaos through those who bring it up, that it can add value to it! The principles that our party rises on and the culture it creates are known. We call on our party audience to adopt our principles, line, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideology, and reject foreign attitude towards our culture.

Long Live TKP/ML, TIKKO and TMLGB!

Long Live the Unity of Our Party and its Struggle Against Putschist- Liquidationism!

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism

Long Live People’s War!

TKP/ML Organising Committee

November 2017