Appointed Trustee will go down with Resistance! We will Crush Fascism and Extend Resistance

Statement No.: 2019/10

Appointed Trustee will go down with Resistance!

We will Crush Fascism and Extend Resistance

On the 19th August 2019, Fascist Turkish state appointed trustees in Kurdistan of Turkey, by appointing a trustee to Van, Mardin and Amed municipality this clearly shows how AKP usurped the will of 3.7 million people. Thus, the threat of the fascist AKP chief before March 31 elections “if they are re-elected, we will dismiss them and reassign a trustee” brought to life on the August 19 attack.

Fascism not only dismissed mayors, but also dissolved municipal councils and detained many. After the attack of appointing trustee, they have applied bans of actions and activities in various provinces. This aggression shows that; Fear of fascism is great. Because of the fear, fascism attacks get more and more aggressive. Cowards die many times before their deaths. We will crush fascism and send it to where it belongs, to the dump of history.

This attack by the fascist Turkish State is also important to understand what the concept of “elections” and “democracy” correspond to. Fascism; shows its enemy face once more to those who do not show allegiance to it. This aggression shows the “settling” plan imposed on the Kurdish nation is still in progress. On one hand, the fascist state continues its invasion in Iraqi Kurdistan, making plans of occupation under the name of “Peace Corridor” in Syria Kurdistan, In the Turkey Kurdistan there are degeneration attack on the political positions of Kurdish nation.

This “confiscation” is for the political positions of the Kurdish nation but, this shows how fascism is stuck and desperate. The fascist AKP-MHP clique, wants to avenge the defeat in the March 31 elections with taking Ergenekon spoilt to its side, wants to delay the dissolution and defeat of the fascist bloc. Fascism wants to fend off the defeat in the war in Syria, trying to throw the shawl of chauvinism over the current economic crisis, unemployment poverty and once again trying to put Kurdish nation on its target.

Resisting to this aggression, and to stand by the Kurdish nation is a duty for those who call themselves progressive and revolutionary.  This is the moment of the revolutionary tasks to understand revolutionary action union and respond fascism in its language. To increase the solidarity with the Kurdish nation in every field, to transform streets into resistance positions against the trustee attacks of fascism, it is the urgent duty of the moment to build up new “Gezi” (s).


Appointed Trustee will go down with Resistance!

Long live the right of the Kurdish nation to be independent freely!

Long live Peoples War!


TKP-ML Central Committee Political Bureau

20 August 2019