Communist Party of Turkey-Marxist Leninist Central Committee: THE UNQUENCHED TORCH OF COMMUNISM TKP-ML, 51 YEARS OLD!

Statement No: 2023/4



Our party, which was born in the practice of class struggle in our geography and created itself in the hot fire of struggle, is proud to leave behind its half-century history.

Founded by communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya and a limited number of cadres on 24 April 1972, saying “we are raising a flag high in front of everyone’s eyes”, TKP-ML continues to wave the flag of communism for the 51st year.

While our party gained many successes in this half-century process, it also suffered defeats; While adding thousands of cadres, militants, and fighters to its ranks, it also saw its most valuable cadres, fighters and militants immortalised; While never compromising its ideological line, it also made political-practical mistakes; just like the laws of dialectics …

But it never broke away from the essence of Marxism-Leninism and Maoism, never gave up the cause of the People’s Democratic Revolution and communism, never denied the armed line of the revolution, never turned its back on the revolution. While tens or hundreds of communist parties, including parties that have carried out the revolution since the foundation of our Party, have sunk into the swamp of revisionism, our Party has essentially protected itself from this danger thanks to its MLM worldview, and has always known how to come to terms with itself due to its principle of self-critical approach to its mistakes.

Sometimes these reckonings were incomplete, but mostly underlined its mistakes with such thick lines that the other side of the coin, that is, its victories, achievements, correct and foresighted determinations, remained in the dark.

However, our party is one of the first communist parties to take a stand against revisionism in the international arena, and from its pioneering mission in land occupations and in the creation of the most advanced organisations of the working class, to raising the principle of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya’s “no secrets” in torture; from turning dungeons into fortresses of resistance and schools to making it a tradition to escape from prisons; It has a strong history full of uncountable examples, from taking part in the most fundamental resistance dynamics of the class struggle in our geography, in the armed struggle of the peoples of the region, especially the Kurdish nation in Rojava, on the basis of self-defence, to the values it has created among the youth of the people and the steps it has taken in the women’s struggle in recent years.

In the history of more than half a century of struggle, our party has existed itself by taking part in the vast sea of class struggle in our geography and has continued to wave the red flag of communism in these lands for half a century despite all kinds of attacks.

This history is the concrete proof of the will of our people of Turkish-Kurdish nations, various nationalities, and beliefs to win the future, especially those of us who were immortalised in the life-cost struggle against our class enemies, our veterans, and our imprisoned comrades.

Our party, TKP-ML, is the creator, owner, and maintainer of this history.

While the Turkish ruling classes are leaving behind the centenary of their republic, they have crowned their centenary history with a mass massacre on 6 February, in which tens of thousands of people were blatantly massacred. The century-old republic has brought nothing but exploitation, poverty, oppression, and massacre to our people of Turkish, Kurdish nations, various nationalities, and beliefs. Now they are propagandising that “everything will be fine” in the coming elections. It is clear from historical experience that elections and parliament are not a way of salvation for the working class and the people.

Our party has fought against these policies of the Turkish ruling classes in its half-century history of struggle since its foundation. It put the interests of the working class and the labouring people primarily. In this fight, it paid and paid a price.

Once again, we declare with determination that; In our 51st year, we will add new pages full of success and victories to this history and we will continue to be the pioneer of a breathless fight until the final victory, that is, communism.

The red flag of communism, which has been raised high in our geography, has been waving for 51 years. Our party, the torch of communism in our geography, continues to illuminate the way to go and the goal to be reached.

Happy 51st Year of Struggle of TKP-ML!

Long Live Marxism Leninism Maoism!

Communist Party of Turkey-Marxist Leninist (TKP-ML)

Central Committee

April 2023