Red Salute to Ka Menandro Villanueva (Ka Bok), Revolutionary Hero of the Philippine People, Commander of YHO

Red Salute to Ka Menandro Villanueva (Ka Bok), Revolutionary Hero of the Philippine People, Commander of YHO

Marco Valbuena | Information Officer | Communist Party of the Philippines

Friday, January 12, 2022

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPI) appeals to all revolutionary forces and all Red fighters. He orders the New People's Army (NPA) Commander Ka Menandro Villanueva (Ka Bok), who was recently killed by the fascist enemy in the town of Mabini, Davao de Oro, to give the deepest red salute. Ka Bok (also known as Ka Jude and Ka Gipo) was around 70 years old.

Let's pay homage to Ka Bok, who selflessly served the revolutionary cause of the Philippine people and helped advance their national democratic and socialist aspirations. A revolutionary fighter for 50 years, Ka Bok is now among the heroic legions of the people of the Philippines. He devoted his whole life to the cause of the proletariat and the oppressed and exploited masses.

Ka Bok has successfully led the Party and armed revolution from one level to the next in Southern Mindanao, where he awakened and strengthened the peasant and Lumad masses, helped to plant and cultivate the core of the people's democratic government, where he helped to plant and cultivate the core of the people's democratic government, which destroyed and plundered and destroyed the people, the land and the environment. won the fascists' most rabid ire for encouraging and directing popular resistance to the massive attacks of capitalists.

Along with other cadres and commanders, Ka Bok played an important role in the expansion and strengthening of the people's army and the Communist Party of the Philippines across Mindanao. He also served important roles in its national growth as the Commander-in-Chief of YHO and a member of the CPI Central Committee and central leadership bodies.

Despite the fact that the enemy spent more than a decade in relentless military operations, bombings, artillery fire, occupation of communities and terrorizing the villagers and Lumad masses, spending billions of pesos on military operations before the enemy destroyed Ka Bok, the strength, resilience and guerrilla discipline of the YHO, and the broad masses of the people's army, were comprehensively demonstrated. and is a testament to his deep support.

Our deepest condolences to Ka Bok's beloved family and friends. His death was mourned by the broad masses of workers and peasants, especially the oppressed peoples around the provinces of Davao, where he had served so much over the past few decades, the Party, the YHO and all revolutionary forces.

Ka Bok's death is a great loss for the Party and the armed revolution. However, this setback is only temporary and will be overcome when the time comes. A number of Party cadres and YHO commanders, people's war veterans, young leaders trained by Ka Bok and tempered in military and political work are ready to take his place and fulfill their duties.

Indeed, revolutionary leaders play an important role in the people's war. However, it is the broad masses of the people who are awakened and fighting hard that play a much greater and decisive role in advancing the people's democratic revolution.

In the face of worsening forms of oppression and state terror attacks, the people's desire for liberation and determination to make revolution is greater than ever. The reign of terror of the fascist, corrupt and puppet Duterte regime deepens the revolutionary zeal of the Philippine people.

As with any war, people's war will meet setbacks and losses, but lessons will be learned that will help it progress further. The loss of Ka Bok will not prevent the people's war from further advancing and gaining strength, because it is a just and democratic war that represents the highest aspirations of the people for national freedom and social emancipation.

Ka Bok's lifelong revolutionary service and heroism will forever inspire all Red warriors and the Filipino people to further the people's war.

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