HBDH: “33 Dream Travelers is our United Revolutionary Pledge!”

33 Dream Traveler is our United Revolutionary Pledge!


one day one day

falling to earth

every leaf is crying

will gush again

33 lives 33 red carnations

The 33s are walking on the road to revolution…


We are in the 6th year of the Suruç Massacre, which was recorded as one of the brutal massacres in the history of the Turkish revolution. The Suruç attack, which took place as one of the first attacks of the crackdown process organized by the AKP-MHP fascist union, represents a period in which the collapse turned into the collapse of the fascist government as of today.

In the curtain opened with AKP-MHP-ISIS of the war, which has been carried out with high intensity and unconventional special warfare tactics for 6 years, Rojava revolutionary forces and internationalist revolutionaries have defeated the ISIS gangs, which prevented 33 dream travelers from meeting with the revolution, saying "We Defended Together, We Will Build Together," and the AKP - While the MHP regressed its fascism, it brought the fascist unity to the point of collapse with the increasing momentum of the united revolution struggle in the cities and mountains in recent years.

The Suruç massacre is one of the most comprehensive attacks against our united revolutionary struggle. Both our 33 comrades who were killed as a result of the attack and the integrity of the attack wave launched after the attack, especially in Southern Kurdistan, Northern Kurdistan and Rojava, reveal the concept aimed at the elimination of the revolutionary forces.

This wave of attacks also aimed to block the de facto legitimate struggle as a means of organizing a climate of fear that would serve fascism, silencing the voice of the working class and oppressed peoples, and criminalizing the street. The deepening of occupation and labor exploitation, increasing poverty and usurpation of rights are the results of this process.

Our United Revolutionary Movement declared its establishment in the period after the Suruç massacre in order to break the circle of attack of AKP-MHP fascism, saying stop to the attacks of fascism, and did not allow fascism to complete its process.

The dream of the 33's is the motto of our united revolutionary struggle, the oath of accountability.

Today, for the working class and the oppressed peoples, the period of fascist attack that started with the Suruç massacre points to a period of revolutionary ascension that has evolved to hold fascism to account and destroy fascism. There has been a stronger revolutionary struggle dynamic arising from the martyrs of Suruç and all the massacres and destructions that took place in the process that followed. The united revolutionary movement of the peoples is the fuel of this energy, the catalyst for the revolution.

AKP-MHP fascism took the government it targeted with the Suruç massacre, but it will not take long to collapse. We will defeat the fascist government as we defeated the ISIS partner. Justice for Suruç will come with our united revolution victory. In this period of war, which has been carried out at a high level for 6 years, the fascist government is trying to re-operate the gang-mafia-power mechanism it operated in Suruç. The HDP attacks, the murder of Deniz Poyraz, and the intensification of attacks on guerrilla areas and revolutionaries are signs of this. However, the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan are now more determined and on the side of our forces, they see that the fascist government will collapse. Let the supporters of the fascist power be afraid of the climate of fear and intimidation policy that is being tried to be created, we will continue to strike this fascist power everywhere with the united revolution struggle of the peoples, and hold them accountable.

The account of the Suruç massacre is a united revolution oath for the People's United Revolutionary Movement. Within the scope of our revolutionary mobilization move "We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom", we will hold the account of all massacres, especially Suruç's 33 dream travelers, and organize the "Forward…Further" united revolution struggle and victory.

Our call to all our peoples is that 33 dream travelers dream. This imagination will destroy fascism with our united struggle for revolution and establish the power of the working class and oppressed peoples.

We invite you to join our united revolutionary forces and take action in order to account for the Suruç massacre and to make the dreams of 33 dream travelers come true.

We Will Ask Accountability for Suruç Massacre

33 Dream Travelers Are Immortal!

HBDH Executive Committee

July 20, 2021