HBDH Ethem Sarısülük Militia: “We will fight! We Will Smash the Occupation and Isolation!” 

We will fight! We Will Smash Invasion and Isolation!

HBDH Ethem Sarısülük Militia set fire to 12 vehicles belonging to the fascist Akbulut family residing in Adana's Barbaros District at around 2022:03 on 30 June 2 and completely destroyed them.

As the HBDH militia, we would like to state that we will end the isolation imposed on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan by fighting, raising all forms of action, and ultimately achieving victory. This is why our war against fascism grows stronger every day. Because this isolation is an isolation aimed at breaking the revolutionary will of the Kurdish people and eliminating the Kurdistan guerrilla. We will not allow fascism to win. While they aim to eliminate all fronts of resistance and those who wage revolutionary struggle, this enthusiasm will remain in their crops. The boundless determination of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan in the Imrali Dungeon is combined with the slogan of millions of Turkish-Kurdish-Arab-Alevi-Sunni people in the street and the will of the united revolutionary militias to destroy fascism.

From Bakur to Kadıköy, from the Mediterranean to Gemlik, we will increase the demand for the end of the isolation on Abdullah Öcalan with our actions. Those who showed the will to organize a march to end the isolation in Gemlik, and those who were determined to break the isolation with their slogans in Kadıköy, have already won. On the day of the march against isolation, the police who attack and torture detainees with inhumane practices and their vehicles, houses and everything they own are our targets.

We are growing the fire that will surround the fascist power. We aim at every element and structure of fascism that has hands and arms. We are preparing to deliver the final blow to the heart of fascism. We will shoot!

Join the HBDH Militia to lift the isolation, crush the invaders everywhere and destroy fascism! Join the honorable war for this cause!

Long live the United Revolution!

HBDH Ethem Sarısülük Militia