HBDH İbrahim Yıldırım Militia: “We salute the National Resurrection and Resistance Day!”

“We Greet the National Day of Resurrection and Resistance!”

Our militia continues to salute the 15 August Resurrection Campaign. HBDH İbrahim Yıldırım Militia carried out a widespread typing action in İzmir/Menemen.

On the night of August 14, we carried out a widespread writing action in the Asırlık and Karabağlar neighborhoods. We decorated the walls with slogans saluting August 15, Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the united struggle.

Today, history proves that August 15th has created an unprecedented power in the history of struggle of our peoples. This power grows, fights and wins with the united revolution. It is our united revolutionary struggle that holds AKP-MHP fascism accountable and fights it on all fronts. Politics of occupation and exploitation, killing our people in dungeons, kicking workers in the streets… none of them will go unpunished. With this awareness, first of all, we will hold accountable for our comrades who resisted in the dungeons. To carry on the just struggle of the people in the dungeons of the fascist government means to imprison fascism. We will hold the account of İbrahim Yıldırım and many revolutionaries who held fascism prisoner, and we will continue to do so.

We remind fascism of the action we targeted the guards in Bursa! If you continue to torture, persecute and arbitrate the prisoners, the last face you see will be ours!

We are marching to victory with the strength we got from August 15th!

Forward, Further!

Long live the United Revolution!

HBDH İbrahim Yıldırım Militia