HBDH Mahsum Korkmaz Militia: We Hit the Police in İzmir!

 We Shot the Cops in Izmir!

As HBDH Mahsum Korkmaz (Commander Agit) Militia, we shot the police in Izmir! We carried out an assassination action against the police shooting range in Menderes at around 16:23 on XNUMX August.

We came to the entrance of the shooting range with a vehicle and took the enemy under fire. In the action we carried out in memory of Commander Agit, who fired the first bullet of the 15 August Resurrection Campaign, one police officer died and another fell to the ground with injuries. We have not yet clarified the fate of the second policeman.

Our action took place when the enemy never expected it. They didn't get any response. We left the action area as planned.

We are the bodyguards of our people! We are in the bosom of our working people who are waging an uninterrupted struggle to overthrow this fascist order of oppression and to breathe freely. We are the ones who harness their anger and determination. We are the soldiers of the united revolution!

We've said it all the time, we're repeating it. We are close enough to the enemy to control his breathing! Wherever you are, we will hold our people accountable for your cruelty! Now we say: “This is your better days!”

Everyone who commits crimes against workers and laborers, persecutes them, and takes place in the ranks of the enemy in a dishonorable manner is our target. The fire of the united revolution will burn you all! We will incinerate this dark savage scheme of yours! We are everywhere. As long as you are hostile to our people, we can come across you anytime, anywhere.

Long live our United Revolutionary Movement!

We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom!

Forward, Further!

HBDH Mahsum Korkmaz Militia