HBDH: “We Destroyed the Oil Pipeline in Maraş”

We Destroyed the Oil Pipeline in Maraş

On January 18, 2022, our HBDH militia destroyed the oil pipeline in Maraş/Pazarcık with a special technique. Our militia reached their base areas safely after their actions.

With its guerrillas and militias, HBDH organizes its action force at any time, every minute and everywhere. Our action in Maraş was carried out to avenge our oppressed peoples, the working class, the workers, those who resisted in the dungeons, and dozens of revolutionaries massacred by the fascists. HBDH guerrillas are aware of every activity of AKP-MHP fascism and its supporters. He will demand an account of the massacres they have planned for the past, present and future. No account will be left in ruins. From now on, let it be known that HBDH guerrillas and militias are there whoever oppresses the people, shoots the revolutionaries, wants to undermine the dignity of the workers and supports fascism.

The cowardly fascists who shot Hrant in the back, the slaves of fascism attacking the revolutionaries who have nothing but resistance power in the dungeons, and those who watch-organize them; we know all of you. One day we will come out suddenly. If you have factories, we will burn them; if you have yachts, we will sink them; if you have oil, we will destroy them; Those who get rich by exploiting the workers, we will cut off the sources of the money you transfer to your dirty war in Kurdistan.

Today is Hrant Dink's death anniversary. Hrant is still in our minds, those who shot Hrant are at the tip of our barrels. Today, there are resistances in the dungeons. The cherished memories of those who persevered and became immortal will never be forgotten. Our muzzles will be held accountable for fascism. As HBDH guerrillas and militias, we dedicate this action to Hrant Dink and the revolutionary prisoners resisting in the dungeons.

Long live the United Revolution!