HBDH Militia: Action against police with IED and fireworks in Amed

 Action against police with IED and fireworks in Amed

On 29.11.2021, around 00:00, the police checkpoint and police station located on Cemiloğlu street between Amed/Bağlar Muradiye and Fatih neighborhoods were hit by fireworks and IEDs by our militia unit. In addition, 2 civilian vehicles belonging to the enemy, parked at a point close to the police station, were also targeted by our unit.

Panicking after the action, the enemy randomly scanned the area, and material damage occurred to the targeted vehicles.

With this action, we salute the DGH and YPS, which carry out historical resistance against AKP-MHP fascism, and celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the PKK.

We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom!

Forward, Further!

We will continue to strike fascism and hold it accountable with our revolutionary mobilization move!

Long live HBDH!

HBDH Militia