HBDH Militia: “We carried out a roadblock action in Istanbul”

We carried out a roadblock action in Istanbul

On 28.09.2021, at 23:00, our HBDH Militia at the Istanbul Northern Marmara Highway Hasdal Junction "We will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom!" carried out a roadblock action within the scope of the 2nd stage of the move "Forward, further".

In the action, both lanes of the highway were closed with IED (Hand Made Bomb) and fireworks. A bomb banner was hung at the intersection.

Upon firing from people we could not clarify, we responded with individual weapons, and after a short conflict, our militia safely withdrew from the area.

With this move, we will destroy this system full of fascism, which is seen as a favor to the fascist attacks and the peoples of Turkey, especially in Kurdistan, and we will create a free Kurdistan and a democratic Turkey. Fascist Erdoğan and his gangs are so defeated by our struggle for freedom and the resistance of the Kurdish freedom guerrilla that they attack every segment of the public and especially students with that helplessness, and expose the children of this people by declaring them terrorists in the media, just like in the Gezi resistance. Our duty is to develop the struggle by supporting all kinds of resistance that will develop against fascism.

HBDH Militia