HBDH Militia: “Sabotage action on the house of a fascist named Saygın Kol in İzmir”

Sabotage action on the house of a fascist named Saygın Kol in Izmir

Our militia unit carried out a sabotage action against the house of the fascist “Respectable Kol”, living in İzmir/Tire –Paşa Neighborhood at around 24:22 on 00 November. As a result of the action, the house belonging to the person was burned and rendered unusable. Our forces returned safely to their bases as a result of the action.

All fascist gangs are under the control of our forces. All the activities carried out by this fascist element, named Saygın Kol, have been under the watch and supervision of our unit for the last 6 months. The house that this fascist element has opened to other gangs of AKP-MHP fascism has consequently become the target of our forces.

Those who murdered Deniz Poyraz, those who planned the attacks against the Kurdish people and revolutionaries, those who undermined the struggle of workers and laborers against the bosses… all these fascist gangs and their members. It is futile now to stop the collapse of AKP-MHP fascism. The crimes committed by these fascist gangs against all oppressed peoples in order to save their own power will not be spared.

The fascist Erdogan government is waging its biggest struggle for survival against the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the united revolutionary forces. Today, as the PKK, which is waging this war in the mountains, celebrates its 43rd anniversary, AKP-MHP fascism is kneeling before the guerrillas. The PKK has not ended neither in the cities nor in the mountains, but the AKP-MHP fascism is falling, it is coming to the end of the road. In this sense, with this action, we greet the establishment anniversary of the PKK, which gives strength to our united revolution struggle and carries out this struggle in the most advanced positions.

HBDH Militia