Sabotage from HBDH Militia to Yed-i Emin Depot

Sabotage from HBDH Militia to Yed-i Emin Depot in Bursa

To the public;

“Fascist dictator Erdogan and the system he represents are exploiting our people every day and establishing a joy for themselves through the labor of the people. The ruling party, which finally bought luxury vehicles for the fascist palace with the million dollars they stole from the pockets of the people, thinks that they can be protected with these tools. But the fascist regime and Erdogan will never be protected from our people's revolutionary militia. We will get closer to them every day and we will not allow the people to eat and enjoy the money they stole from their pockets and tables.

Just a few days ago, a person of ours burned himself in Ankara saying 'I am hungry, I am unemployed'. If a country has reached this stage, you cannot talk about justice and democracy in that country. We become that human scream. We are the screams of our people and the laborers and we will continue to do so. Our uninterrupted struggle will continue against those who exploit our people. They won't be able to finish us off.

According to this, our militias carried out an action against Yed-i Emin depot in Bursa on 15 September. There are hundreds of vehicles belonging to the police in this area, and we have determined that many of these vehicles have been allocated and used for intelligence and other government agencies. As a result of the action, explosions occurred for hours and dozens of vehicles were destroyed. But the pool media, as always, disguised the facts and presented them as an ordinary warehouse by serving fake news.

We will be wherever you exploit the labor of the people. As HBDH Militia, our struggle and actions will continue, we will drown fascism in the blood it shed.