Two Separate Actions by HBDH Sakine Cansız Militia Against Police and Soldiers in Amed

 Two Separate Actions Against Police and Soldiers in Amed

1) On January 10, 2022, at around 23:30, the EYP, which is two-pronged, is aimed at the invading police force, which created a checkpoint with 2 Scorpions and 1 Ural at a point close to Melik Ahmet High School in Amed – Sur, and patrolled the neighborhood with 8 units at the same time. An action with fireworks and fireworks was carried out. During the firing of the fireworks, it was observed that four police officers were injured as a result of the IED, which was targeted and thrown at the police officers who got out of the armored vehicle called Ural.

After our militia forces left the area without any casualties, the reinforced police forces closed the area up to the Virgin Mary's Church to all entrances and exits, and conducted search activities.

2) On January 9, 2022, around 23:00, our militia forces carried out an action against the soldiers in Amed. An action with IED was carried out against the soldiers guarding the security of Amed E Type Closed Prison. Our militia forces have safely left the area.

These two actions were carried out for the revolutionary prisoners who resisted oppression, isolation and oppression in the dungeons. History has written the resisting revolutionaries at every moment of history, from fascist Nazi Germany to fascist Italy and the prison policies of today's AKP-MHP fascism. Dungeons express the understanding of keeping the will of the revolutionaries for fascism and designing the people and the whole society through them. However, since no revolutionary kneels down to fascism or pays homage to it, these persecution and isolation practices cannot take place and these practices are falling apart.

Our united revolutionary movement will hold accountable for all the massacres committed in prisons in the history of the freedom struggle in Turkey and Kurdistan. The massacre of 19 December 2000, the tortures applied to the prisoners during the hunger strikes, the Garibeler, Halil Güneşler, İlyas Demirler and many more… Our united revolutionary struggle will demand an account of each of them. Our actions against the fascist state's arbitrary bans, blocking of views, harassment, rape and all other torture methods will increasingly continue. The torturers will definitely be held accountable.

In such a process, where the fascist power and its capital are in the process of collapse, they find their way out of their own crisis by attacking the revolutionaries and the peoples. We salute all those who proudly resist the enemy's attacks in all areas, including the dungeons.

These actions were carried out in memory of Comrades Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Söylemez to salute their prison resistance.

We will destroy the dungeons!

HBDH Sakine Lifeless Militia