HBDH Şenol Sağaltici and Ümit Tekin Militia: Our Target is Those Who Produce for the Army!

 Those Who Produce For The Army Are Our Target!

We have said it, we repeat it: We shot Rojava, Bashur, “back the front” of the army that was going to invade, and we will continue to strike. The suppliers of the occupying fascist army are at our target!

All businesses, institutions and workshops that produce for the TAF, supply goods, prepare food and clothing, produce and transport weapons and ammunition are our legitimate goals.

As HBDH Şenol Sağaltici and Ümit Tekin Militia, we organized an action against TAF logistics on 23 September in İzmir.

We carried out a sabotage action with a special method for the mattress factory that provides logistic support to the TAF in Torbalı, İzmir.

Operating in Torbalı Atatürk Industrial Site, Armis Mattress Factory is a factory producing for the fascist army. All logistics lines of the TAF are the natural targets of our militia. The factory in Torbalı is among these targets.

As a result of our action, an area of ​​30 thousand square meters was completely turned into ashes, the factory became unusable.

We will hit the "back of the line", all the logistics lines of the occupying fascist army. We will not allow the executioners of our peoples to move freely anywhere!

We promise our people that, with this strength and faith, we will carry the unobstructed determination of comrades Şenol and Ümit to struggle on the path of revolution and socialism to our actions.

We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom!


HBDH Şenol Provider and Ümit Tekin Militia