HBDH Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu Militia: “We will not let the drug dealers shut their eyes!”

We will not let the drug dealers in!

As HBDH Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu Militia, we carried out an action against drug dealers at around 4:22 in the Edremit district of Van on 4 May. In the action where we used handmade explosives, XNUMX drug dealers were injured. Our militia unit successfully moved away from the action area.

This gang is the team that poisoned all the youth and children in our district. The fascist state is paving the way for these gangs in order to keep our youth back from the freedom struggle of our people by pulling them into a drug swamp. We will never turn a blind eye to these drug gangs, these anti-social parasites, who make our youth and children fall into the drug network and rot!

We call our youth to the ranks of our people's freedom struggle. Do not fall into this swamp, this trap. Come join the HBDH militia!

We call on Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu to be the revolutionary leader in the fight against fascism and to join the united revolutionary war!


To the ranks of freedom against corruption and corruption!

We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom!

Forward, Further!

HBDH Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu Militia