CPI(Maoist): The Prime Minister should explain his view on the terms of our negotiations!

The Prime Minister should explain his view on the terms of our negotiations!

Stop violating the constitutional rights of the people!

Prime Minister Bhupesh Baghel's statement that the Maoists are ready to negotiate with them if they accept the Indian Constitution and lay down their arms is absurd and proof of hypocrisy. On the one hand, bombing from the air and on the other hand, offering bargains is misleading the public. This is nothing but propaganda against the Maoists. There is a conspiracy of a major attack behind this statement.

Questioning the Central Government's policy of responding with bullets for bullets, the Prime Minister should say why he agreed to the recent airstrikes? Don't the recent airstrikes prove that Baghel Ji is hand in hand with the BJP government in the Center in his ongoing battle against his own people?

Bastar IG lies to the people of Bastar that there was no aerial bombardment. If you also refuse the aerial bombardment, find out which country's army came and carried out the aerial bombardment in the Bastar forest.

It should be noted that when Prime Minister announced that his government had signed agreements with six armed groups in the Northeast, why did Prime Minister Baghel Ji ask us to lay down arms for negotiations? There is no logic in that. Patrol operations, clashes, ambushes, massacres, illegal arrests, damage to public life and property. your party; Every day, millions of police, paramilitary and military forces are deployed in many parts of the country under the name of fighting our party and the HKGO. It is ridiculous, senseless and absurd to ask us to lay down our arms, while campaigning for the abolition of the Revolutionary People's Committees, while constantly setting up new camps for the Armed Forces.

It is the governments that oppose the Indian Constitution. Governments alone are grossly violating the constitutional rights of the people. The rights of Gram Sabhas are violated under the Fifth Schedule Pesa Act. Police, paramilitary forces and army camps are set up and roads, bridges and culverts are built in tribal areas without the permission of gram sabhas. Tribes are killed in massacres and ambushes while protesting. The country's natural resources and reserves are transferred to legal entities. Airstrikes are being carried out against the members of the Bastar tribe, in violation of the tribal's constitutional rights and international law. Helicopters and drones hover over their heads day and night. Their lives got harder.

Naya Raipur Movement of Displaced Peasants against police camps, massacres and other justified demands including the Silangar Indigenous Movement since last year, what do the attacks mean if people in places like Vechaghat, Vechapal, Pusnar, Gompad, Pusguppa are peaceful, exercising their constitutional rights and are unarmed? is showing?

To tell the truth, governments do not even have the moral right to seek constitutional approval. First, governments must abide by the Constitution and implement it honestly. The BJP government at the center tried to destroy the basic principles of the Constitution that were limited on paper such as sovereignty, secularism, socialism and democracy.

Baghel ji spoke of the principles of faith, development and security to destroy the Maoist movement. The public needs to understand Baghel ji's words that it is a formula to gain the trust of local and foreign companies here, to implement the necessary plans for their development, and to protect their financial and other interests.

Finally, our response to the Prime Minister's proposal for negotiations is that we are always ready for negotiations. Therefore, it is your responsibility to create a conducive environment. First, remove the restrictions on our party, HKGO, public associations and create a favorable environment for negotiations. Give us the opportunity to conduct open operations, stop airstrikes, withdraw armed forces from conflict zones, withdraw troops and release our imprisoned leaders for talks. Be clear about your views on these matters.



Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Dandakaranya Special District Committee