TKP-ML European Committee: Our Revolutionary Walk with the Party Continues in the 50th Anniversary of its Founding!


1972-2022... Our uninterrupted 50-year revolutionary march continues under the guidance of our party.

April 24, 1972 is a critical date for Turkey and T. Kurdistan. It is a milestone when a new page is opened.

The emergence of Comrade Kaypakkaya as a communist leader is not a coincidence. The conditions that created TKP-ML were the projection of developments in our country and in the world. Comrade Kaypakkaya, as a young communist, shared the lessons he learned from the youth movement, workers' strikes, peasants' land occupations and the 15-16 June Great Workers' Resistance, as well as the developments in the world, especially the views of Comrade Mao Zedong, the BPKD, the 1968 youth actions and the anti-Semi-colonial protests. He studied the imperialist resistance and people's wars, and all of these had an important place in the formation of the basic philosophical views of our party.

Kaypakkaya handled all these with great care and a scientific analysis and shaped the minimum program of our party with the results he drew.

By examining the reality of the country, our party revealed that it is a multinational country and that there are minority nationalities, especially the Kurdish nation. In the struggle for the overthrow of the Kemalist fascist dictatorship and the realization of the People's Democratic Revolution, our struggle to realize the DHD with the people's war strategy, with the leadership of the working class, by organizing the peasants, by the common struggle of all nationalities and minorities, has continued uninterruptedly for 50 years.

Our past 50 years of class struggle history is the sum of our successes and shortcomings.

In this history, there are hundreds of our immortal comrades who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the revolution.

In our 50-year history of struggle, we have become the enemy's nightmare with the countless blows we have inflicted on the enemy.

In our 50-year history of struggle, prisons have been an integral part of the class struggle. We lost many of our comrades in resistance, death fasts and hunger strikes. Despite all the oppression and massacres, our party militants, who turned the prisons into fortresses of resistance, made our party's name in history by signing numerous desertions.

Our party has not compromised its determination to fulfill its pioneering mission through its work with the working class, peasants, women and youth in its 50-year history of struggle.

In the 50th anniversary of our party's founding, our revolutionary march continues with courage and determination.

Our 1st Party Congress took a historic step in moving the struggle forward with the perspective of concentration in the party and determination in the war, by making new openings in our DHD struggle, by addressing its deficiencies and weaknesses. Our 1st Congress also took a historical step forward with the Communist Women's League.

In its 50th year of struggle, our party has taken a much more experienced step into the new struggle period as the leading force of our hope.

Our party has been in constant contact with fraternal and friendly parties in its 50-year history of struggle. It has achieved great success in this field by giving importance to international relations and associations. Today, it has taken important steps with the international relations it has developed and is determined to carry it forward.

In the 50th anniversary of its establishment, much more challenging years await our party. We are aware of this. All of our party committees, militants, comrades, and all of us have greater duties and responsibilities in the 50th year of its establishment.

Being aware of our responsibility, we are determined to move our party forward.


Long Live the 50th Anniversary of Our Party!

Long live Marxism Leninism Maoism!

Long live the People's War!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!


Communist Party of Turkey Marxist-Leninist

European Committee

April 22 2022