Action in Memory of Kaypakkaya from TKP-ML TIKKO Guerrillas (Video)

 Action in Memory of Kaypakkaya

On the 48th anniversary of his immortalization, TKP-ML TİKKO fighters assassinated the invading Turkish forces in Rojava to commemorate the Communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya.

The fighters of TKP-ML TİKKO, who carried out an action against the invading Turkish forces in the village of Menax in Zirgan, stated that they carried out this action for the Communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya on the 48th anniversary of his immortalization.

TKP-ML TIKKO fighters said, "With the action we take today to commemorate Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, the torch of our courage, we would like to state that, with the courage we take from our leader and our immortals, we will clear Rojava from the invaders and destroy fascism."


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