International Joint Declaration in Support for Palestine

International Joint Declaration in Support for Palestine

The latest events in Palestine linked to Israeli colonial violence at the Al-Aqsa mosque and in the neighboring Cheikh Jarray neighborhood in Jerusalem, need for greater internationalist support to the Palestinian cause in all possible and necessary forms.

The struggle of the Palestinian people has become the symbol of resistance against colonial oppression and injustice for all peoples of the world. After more than seven decades that the colonial Zionist “state” of Israel was implanted in Palestine with the favor of imperialism in order to control the so called ME, the struggle for national self-determination of the Palestinian people has never stopped.

The harsh colonial policy of forced evictions, expropriation of agricultural land and houses, arbitrary incarceration of even minors, construction of walls, no access to water resources, massacres and wars, far from provoking Palestinian surrender, gave birth to new generations of patriots and fighters.

Israel aims to erase Palestine from the maps and Palestinians or through Nazi methods, such as providing a vaccination plan only for Jews and not for Palestinians, is carrying out a planned genocide.

In this general context, during the last phase of the post-election Israeli internal political crisis, the outgoing government, during the holy month of Ramadhan for Muslims, repeatedly attacked the faithful in prayer on the esplanade of mosques while bands of Zionist settlers assaulted the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem anticipating the probable decision to evict these families from their homes in favor of the settlers themselves.

But the resistance struggle of the families of Cheikh el Jarray combined with that of the faithful in prayer has inflamed the prairie again!

In fact, the repression of this protest has provoked anger and indignation in the four corners of Palestine and also throughout the world: in many countries there have been demonstrations of solidarity, oceanic in Tunisia, Iraq and Yemen, dockers in Italy, Spain, Tunisia and South Africa sabotaged the loading and unloading operations of Israeli ships. Jordanian protesters broke through the police lines and massively entered the West Bank, an unprecedented event, to lend a hand to the demonstrators in Jerusalem. Finally, on May 18, a historic general strike literally paralyzed all of Palestine.

All this while the armed resistance forces operating in Gaza, after having launched an ultimatum to Israel to stop the violence against the faithful, at the end of the same began to incessantly hit Israel with missiles, including Tel Aviv whose airport was paralyzed for days.

The signatories of this declaration greet with joy the explosion of the Palestinian women, youth and people in all the cities of the country: from Gaza to the West Bank to the Palestinian Occupied Territories including the cities with an Israeli majority in which, in addition to roadblocks and demonstrations, gun battles with the occupant took place. In this last events and fights women especially took part in every fronts of the struggle, from the ranks of armed resistance to the demonstrations and the general strikes in the streets.

Affirm that the anti-colonial liberation struggle, can only take place with the struggle of the armed people, as already amply demonstrated by the history of the struggle of the peoples.

That is why that we salute the important development in the resistance against Israel’s latest attack: the resistance was organized with the Joint Military Operations Room formed by 12 resistance organizations.


– the infamous collaborationism of Fatah / PNA which has been continuing since 1993 with the Oslo Accords of capitulation (which recognized the legitimacy of the occupier) and which in recent days has given rise to a wave of arrests against political opponents in Palestine.

-the betrayal of the Arab states, whose reactionary regimes, none excluded, are at the service of imperialism, have for decades now turned their backs on the Palestinian cause, starting with those that have officially normalized relations with Israel under the American blessing.

– the complicity of the imperalist countries in which all the factions representing the imperialist bourgeoisie converge on support for Israel, from the extreme right to the so-called “left”.

At this juncture we support the forces of the Resistance on the ground, but at the same time they express the need for a new strategic line to direct the struggle in Palestine: the path of the Protracted People’s War directed by a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party in Palestine that consciously and strategically directs the mass struggle in course deployed in all its forms (armed, political strikes, etc.) with the aim of overcoming the current impasse suffered by the Palestinian cause due to the negative influence of some reactionary ideologies that have taken hold on the Resistance such as political Islam and petty bourgeois and sectarian armed reformism.

Just as the peoples of the world are inspired by the decades of perseverance of the Palestinian people’s struggle, the latter must draw inspiration too from the most advanced revolutionary experiences today in the world: the People’s Wars in India and the Philippines, New Democracy Revolutions marching towards Socialism that rely exclusively on the infinite strength of their own people and the struggle of the peoples and proletarians of the world.


Long live the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people!

Free Palestine united and independent from the river to the sea!

On the way of the People’s War in the service of the National Liberation Struggle and the New Democracy Revolution!

Long live internationalist solidarity between peoples and proletarian internationalism!



Elkadehin Party – Tunisia

Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary-Maoist)

Communist Party of Turkey – Marxist-Leninist (TKP-ML)

Maoist Communist Party – Italy

Worker’s Party (Marxist-Leninist) – Spain (The WP(m-l) will debate at its Congress on MLM)

Workers Voice – Malaysia

Mouvement des partisans du peuple en Tunisie