Mandatory Disclosure For Public Opinion

Mandatory Disclosure For Public Opinion

In January 2017, a statement was published on Worker-Peasant Liberation website signed by TKP/ML Central Committee.

While the crises of imperialist-capitalist system is deepening all around the world, in the country we claim to make revolution and in the Middle-East and the sharpening of struggle between the oppressor and oppressed, in the conditions of the struggle of the Kurdish nation against the fascist Kemalist dictatorship, in other words, it has become mandatory to explain once again the problems experienced by our Party in a period when expectations and tasks from a communist party become more concrete and more convenient. At this point once again, and mandatory contain a special emphasis.

It is evident that we are experiencing an ideological-political congestion in the face of the rebellion and its reflection in our country, which is caused by the economic and political crises experienced by the imperialist-capitalist system in the world. The chaos and ideological congestion our party is experiencing is because it was caught in the middle of the fight between the masses and the rulers who aim to crush it. Process and popular masses will not forgive those who do not concentrate in the name of overcoming this congestion, those who do not operate the mechanisms of generating solutions, the ones who do not prepare themselves for this process against the wave of struggle and attack do not renew!

In this way, on the one hand our Party emphasise on greater focus, stronger unity with those who fight the system, however in practice it has once again faced with the statement of division, liquidation and coup, as in similar processes in the past. This is a result of our dogmatism and, the fact that we do not subject our history to a dialectical evaluation and, therefore, take lessons from our own history.

Again, as has been experienced before, those who make this statement want to cover the party’s law, the coup against its rule and the liquidation operation for those who take a stand against this coup, with dozens of so-called ideological, political and organizational accusations like; liquidationism, Mensheviks, tailgating, factionalism, conspiracy, separatist, defeatist, legalist, parliamentarian, peaceful, class compromising, reformist, economist, autonomist, civil servant, unprincipled, populist, eclectic and etc.

The concept that using more terms will make it more convincing is to those who read this statement and does not prove that you are an MLM. On top of that, as in previous experiences, the Party audience and the public opinion is trying to be manipulated and put in opposite camps; pro-programme and anti-programme. Through this act, dogmatism and status quo is being advocated in the name of pro-programme and principles.

However, from the moment the problems reached its peak, those who stamp on the Party constitution by saying “Party constitution may not be implemented during extraordinary circumstances” are those who is trying to implement the state of Emergency called by the Turkish state to the Party by rendering dysfunctional the executive committees, far from collectivism and imposing a presidential system upon the Party.

Once again, the weakening of the Party and the breakage of the peoples’ hopes is trying to be covered by describing the process we undergo as cleansing and not a division. The following statement will be “We are purified in terms of ideologically, politically and organisationally, and stronger than ever in our quest for the political power”. What is mind boggling is that those who make such statements are those live in Europe.

However, while the system has slump down on the lives and future of the working class and all the other oppressed, Kurds, women, youth, LGBTI+ and others, these agitative but empty words have no importance. The next step of those who cannot see that the popular masses no longer respect such un-scientific and unreal words is verbal and physical attack on those who defend the Party constitution and law, which, it has been tried to be taken in various ways. Those who unlawfully use the name and call out to comrades who have gave labour and shoulder the general line forget that the name of this Party is TKP/ML and comrades will no longer make compromises despite the threats and violence.

There is a lot to say about this statement. However, we will not enter a more open discussion in the public opinion as our effort to realize the unity of our Party still does not end as opposed to those who write in and out of our party. We will be content to clarify only a few points and to inform the public.

1) Our party does not have a decision regarding the illegal publication of our Party’s Worker-Peasants’ Liberation. As of January 2017, Worker-Peasants’ Liberation, published on the internet, does not bind our party. This site is not official. Therefore, the signed statements published here are not owned by our organization and do not bind our party.

2) There is no abroad-centred faction working in our party. GYDK is an official body of our party and is a committee approved by the Central Committee of the period. It’s very clear that the owners of this line, through gossip and targeting, tried to create a conflict between party committees by emphasis on abroad-centred faction is nothing but creating a judiciary for the abroad. We must remind that struggle for revolution cannot be achieved through manipulations.

3) As of September 2016, due to the resignation in the Central Committee, no one has the authority to act on behalf of the CC and use the signature of CC as the party has lost the will of the CC by the relevant article of our statute. Therefore, from this date on the name of MK, the steps taken, and the decisions made are not valid!

February 2017

TKP/ΜL Middle-East Committee

Marxist Leninist Youth Association of Turkey (TMLGB)

Women Committee

International Bureau

Temporary Abroad Committee (GYDK)

… Committee