Tekoşer Pilîng’in (Lorenzo Orsetti) Mektubu: (Englısh)

Tekoşer Pilîng’in (Lorenzo Orsetti) Mektubu: (Englısh)


“Ciao, if you read this message this is a sign that I am not in this world anymore. Bah, don’t be so sad, I’m doing well like this; I don’t have regrets, I died doing what I thought was the right thing, defending the weakest, and being loyal to my ideals of justice, equality, and freedom.

So, despite of my premature departure, my life is still successful, and I am almost sure that I went with a smile on my lips. I could not have asked for better.

I wish you the very best, and I hope that also you one day (if you did not yet) decide to give your live for your next ones. Because it is only like this that the world can be changed.

Only by defeating the individualism and egoism in each one of us, the difference can be made.

These are difficult times, I know, but don’t fall into resignation, don’t abandon the hope; never! Not for one moment.

Even if everything seems lost, and the bad things that afflict the humans and the earth seem unbearable, keep on finding the force and inspire it in your comrades.

It is exactly in those darkest moments that your light helps.

And always remember: “Every thunderstorm begins with a single drop”. Try to be you this drop.

I love you all, and I hope that you treasure this words.