Statement No:2020/5


İbrahim Kaypakkaya is Alive in the 47th Anniversary of his Immortalization!



It has been 47 years since Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, the communist face of the ’71 revolutionary rise was massacred by the fascist Turkish state in the Amed Dungeon. During these 47 years, our party has kept the memory and legacy of Comrade Kaypakkaya alive in all areas of struggle and continues to keep it alive. The march he started with a collapsible rifle, a limited number of comrades and size 42 Çelik brand rubber shoe continues today despite all the difficulties and obstacles.

’68 revolutionary generation which had formed the ground of the ’71 revolutionary rise in the world and Turkey rose out of the tremendous social and political upheaval and quest. In a historical section in which the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China and the Vietnam Revolution embraced the world, and whatever of the past was attacked; at a time when the capitalist-imperialist system was intensely questioned, just like today, İbrahim Kaypakkaya created the communist face of the revolutionary rise of the ’71 in our country.

The most important feature that distinguishes Kaypakkaya from his contemporaries was that he approached reality with a scientific worldview. It was for this reason that, as the steps of the revolutionary rise of ’71 were taken, he took part in the ranks of the Proletarian Revolutionary Enlightenment (PDE) that so-called on the “right”, unlike other revolutionary leaders who appeared “left”. The reason for this was that Kaypakkaya relied not on the coup of a group of pioneers or the army of the system, but the revolutionary action of the masses. However, Kaypakkaya split from this structure by surpassing the revisionist, pacifist PDE line, and founded TKP-ML with his comrades.

Kaypakkaya took the science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as his basis, he researched Soviet and Chinese revolution experiences, analyzed the economic, social and historical structure of society of Ottoman and Turkey. And with that, he led to the resurgence of Marxism in Turkey as he proposed his thesis on the revolution of Turkey. This shows that Kaypakkaya has reached a certain level of competence in Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory and did not approach to matters subjectively, but scientifically and objectively. It should be seen as that his thoughts arose from a well-founded theoretical approach.

For this reason, it is essential to adopt and improve the scientific worldview and method of Kaypakkaya today.

The biggest harm to be done to Kaypakkaya is to take it dogmatically and remove it from being a weapon that hits class enemies. Such understandings have no impact on the course of history and class struggle. Because the theses Kaypakkaya has proposed is synthesized out of the struggle of the masses and the reality of revolution of Turkey which cannot become a rusty gun that shots itself. It is precisely because it continues to lead our party and people today.

We Learnt from Him that Kemalism is Fascism, Resistance and Fighting is the Only Solution

The conditions we pass through correspond to a period when the real face of the imperialist capitalist system has been exposed once again, tens of thousands of people have died due to outbreaks, and yet the system has been seen prioritizing itself over people and nature. The capitalist-imperialist system is questioned once again. Capitalism is creating dense exploitation, unemployment, hunger, poverty and wars for the working class and the oppressed people as well as destroying nature and the environment, making it uninhabitable for all living creatures.

The Turkish Republic regime, which has been hostile to Turkish, Kurdish nations, oppressed minority nationalities and beliefs, women, LGBTI +, young people, in short, all the people since its establishment, of course, has chosen not to take measures by considering the people in the face of the pandemic, but rather to transfer resources to the bosses and to collect money from the people by sending them an IBAN number. This is not a choice. It is the class characteristic of the Turkish state. Its dependent structure to the imperialist capitalist system is the product of the public enemy character.

The fascist state is hostile to the working class, peasants, labourers, in short, all working classes and strata, as it has been evident in the outbreak. On the one hand, while calling for “stay home”, on the other hand, it says “the wheels must turn”, forcing the labourers to work. This means that it imposed on the working class and the labourers the question of “either virus or unemployment, either poverty or hunger?”. As a matter of fact, 220 workers were killed only in April while spinning the wheels. Thousands of workers employed under unsanitary conditions were infected, 103 workers lost their lives due to the coronavirus. Thousands of workers remained unemployed.

By turning the pandemic into an opportunity, the fascist state released the mafia gangs, murderers, rapists who were in prison, and left the revolutionary, Kurdish and communist prisoners to death under the name of execution regulation. It continued military operations in the Kurdish provinces and outside the border, appointed trustees to the municipalities and continued his arrest attacks.

On the one hand, while calling for “stay at home”, on the other hand, it tolerated the murder of women imprisoned, by men. At least 34 women were massacred, and 22 women were injured by men in April.

The fascist state is also hostile to nature and animals. While the virus outbreak was continuing, nature and environmental plundering continued, and profit auctions were held without disruption. Attacks on animals also continued, while the perpetrators were released.

In the 47th anniversary of the immortalization of comrade Kaypakkaya, we repeat that we perceive him not as a god but as a leader whom communist approaches the reality. Kaypakkaya is revolutionary in essence, not in the appearance. Kaypakkaya is the integrity of theory and practice. Kaypakkaya is the enemy of dogmatism, subjectivism, nationalism and all kinds of reactionary. Kaypakkaya is in favour of “throwing the outdated and getting the up to date” as it can easily be observed in its theoretical development. Kaypakkaya is revolutionary to life and revolutionary to reality. Kaypakkaya is the instant manifestation of the action of the masses and the class struggle, the analysis of the conditions in which it is located.

While commemorating him on the 47th anniversary of the murder of comrade Kaypakkaya, let us respond to his party, the call of our party.  Let’s be a drop in the vast sea of class struggle. Let’s collect storms with drops and prepare for the hurricane. Let’s organize our party in the war, in the fire of armed struggle again and again.

İbrahim Kaypakkaya is immortal!

Glory to TKP-ML, People`s Army TIKKO, Communist Women Organization KKB, Youth Organization TMLGB!



May 2020