Action Union Platform of Greece Turkey/Kurdistan: Let’s Raise the Anti-Fascist Struggle and Stop the Fascist Attacks!

Let’s Raise the Anti-Fascist Struggle and Stop the Fascist Attacks!

In the face of the crisis of capitalism, bourgeois powers try to save capital and condemn the workers to misery, while at the same time fuelling racism with anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric. It aids the fascist racist gangs, neo-Nazi groups, and prepares the ground to mobilize.

The bourgeois politics in Germany, which prompts racism by using “refugee flow”, is responsible for the racist fascist massacre in the city of Hanau, Germany, on Wednesday evening, February 19, against 2 hookah bars with migrant youth, resulting in the death of 9 migrant young people and the serious injury of 5 young people.

The massacre attacks, in which the son of AGİF member, comrade Mehmet Ünüvar, also died, will not be the first or the last. These attacks can only be repelled by a powerful unified antifascist fight.

While the Mediterranean and Aegean sea and the Meriç river have become a cemetery, people lost their limbs and lives in the long walks they took, as well as the actions and policies of the Greek state and the New Democracy government which oppress the refugees who were forced to leave their countries due to destructions and poverty, and pushing people back from the border by paramilitary gangs encourage racist fascist gangs for new attacks. It is the result of these policies which enables the fascist attacker in Germany to leave the message that say all foreigners who have not been able to be deported yet should be eliminated.

As organizations that form the Action Union Platform of Greece, we believe that racist fascist attacks throughout Europe and Greece can only be repelled by a strong antifascist alliance, and that anti-immigrant policies can only be eliminated through a united struggle.

We invite all antifascist organizations and individuals to fight against fascist attacks and show response.

Down with fascism!

United struggle against fascist attacks will succeed!

Action Union Platform of Greece Turkey/Kurdistan